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New California Laws Taking Effect Jan. 1, 2010


By: Office of Assembly Speaker Karen Bass

Dec. 29, 2009 - Below is a list of Assembly bills signed by the Governor this fall that will be enacted January 1, 2010.

All of the bills become law on January 1, except for AB 906 (Hill) and AB 1422 (Bass), which became law after the Governor signed them.

AB 9 (J. Pérez) - Political Reform Act: FPPC - this law clarifies what constitutes improper campaign activity by a local government or agency during an election for a candidate or initiative.

AB 144 (Ma) - Last year in San Francisco, law enforcement confiscated over 1,000 illegal disabled placards. The widespread abuse has not only taken away parking opportunities for people who really need them, but has also exacerbated the difficult parking environment in San Francisco. The current penalty is a $100 fine. AB 144 not only increases the fine for fraudulent use to $1,000, but also gives parking control officers the ability to cite violators. Currently, only police officers have the ability to cite violators in many instances.

AB 166 (Lieu) - Creates a cost-effective solution to deal with the growing number of abandoned boats in California's waterways. The bill will establish a vessel turn-in program that permits boat owners to transfer ownership of their dilapidated vessels before they become an environmental hazard.

AB 171 (Jones) - Establishes basic consumer protection standards governing credit cards and loan products that are arranged in dental offices. The law is designed to protect elderly, low-income or limited-English-speaking dental patients who unwittingly signed credit card applications. The new law prohibits arranging credit while patients are under anesthesia, requires notice in the patient's primary language, and requires refunds if dental services have not been provided within 15 days.

AB 232 (Hill) - Allows the California State Teachers Retirement System to implement technology improvements such as switching from paper transactions with customers to online and e-mail transactions. The changes will reduce environmental impacts and save the state about $1 million annually.

AB 242 (Nava) - Strengthens penalties for spectatorship at a dogfight in California.

AB 260 (Lieu) - Will bring trust and security back to the state's mortgage market, protect borrowers from the most abusive lending practices that caused the home foreclosure crisis, and reassure the secondary market that loans bought in California are sound.

AB 262 (Bass) - Makes the technical and administrative changes necessary to ensure that $113M in federal economic stimulus energy funding (i.e. local energy efficiency grants and state energy program monies) will be allocated in the most efficient and effective manner.

AB 303 (Beall) - Hospital Seismic Safety Financing; allows designated hospitals to meet state deadlines for earthquake safety improvements. The bill permits the hospitals to leverage local funds in order to draw down federal money to pay for seismic safety facility upgrades.

AB 305 (Nava) - Allows prosecutors to seek jail sentences for polluters who knowingly make a false or misleading report about an offshore oil spill. AB 305 also extends the statute of limitations for violations of Hazardous Material Release Response Plans and Inventory related violations from 1 to 5 years to bring it into accordance with other hazardous material and hazardous waste laws in the same Division of the Health and Safety Code.

AB 329 (Feuer) - Reverse Mortgage Elder Protection Act – a bi-partisan measure that will protect the growing number of senior citizens who are considering a reverse mortgage. This bill would amend California reverse mortgage law to strengthen existing counseling and cross-selling provisions and would provide the borrower with a checklist prior to counseling that highlights the risks and alternatives to reverse mortgages.

AB 343 (Saldaña) - Allows California to enter into a compact with 26 other states to ease coordination of interstate school transfers and to remove some of the barriers to academic success military children face due to frequent relocation of active-duty parents. An interstate commission, in coordination with state education officials, will monitor implementation of the compact, address emerging issues, and reconcile disputes between states.

AB 359 (Nava) - Requires digital mammography screening to be covered under the "Every Woman Counts" (EWC) Cancer Detection Program administered by the California Department of Public Health when analog mammography is not available.

AB 370 (Eng) - Would ensure that a victim of contractor fraud is eligible to obtain restitution for economic loss caused by that contractor. Further, this bill increases the maximum potential fine for a first offense from $1,000 to $5,000. For a second and subsequent offense, this measure increases the current mandatory fine from $4,500 up to $5,000. Third offenders will also be required to serve a mandatory jail sentence (as is currently required of second offenders.). Finally, this measure would apply the mandatory minimum fine to repeat offenders who enter into a contract with the victim, or take money from the victim, but do not perform any of the contracting work.

AB 457 (Monning) - Requires claimants intending to file mechanic's liens to notify homeowners that a mechanic's lien is being recorded against their property. Specifically, the bill amends the 20-Day Preliminary Notice to make it more prominent and easier to read ,and enacts a requirement that property owners be served with a Notice of Mechanic's Lien that provides information on how to deal with a mechanic's lien, along with a copy of the actual lien that will be filed.

AB 474 (Blumenfield) - California is in its third straight year of drought. This creative bill will harness market forces by increasing water conservation by residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial property owners by authorizing cities, counties, water districts and municipal utilities to offer up-front financing to property owners who wish to install water conservation systems. It is a rare bill supported by the Sierra Club and the Chamber of Commerce.

AB 494 (Caballero) - Allows farmers who wish to build housing for farm workers on land zoned for agriculture, to change the zoning, and be able to build housing while retaining the agricultural integrity of the property.

AB 524 (Bass) - To curtail the potentially harmful situations and other problems created by out of control paparazzi, AB 524 extends the "invasion of privacy" laws to persons that purchase, publish, and print images or recordings of individuals, if these persons knew that the images or recordings were obtained illegally.

AB 530 (Krekorian) - This measure continues to provide local law enforcement an important tool in freeing our neighborhoods of violent drug and gang activity. AB 530 reauthorizes two pilot programs allowing city attorneys and prosecutors in participating cities (Long Beach, Los Angeles, Oakland, Palmdale, Sacramento, and San Diego) to bring eviction proceedings in the name of the people against a tenant for unlawful activities regarding controlled substances, firearms, and ammunition. This statute assists landlords who are intimidated from bringing eviction proceedings against tenants engaged in drug-related crimes and illegal possession of weapons or ammunition on the premises. This measure also protects other tenants living in the same apartment complex or the neighborhood who have been forced to tolerate criminal behavior or move away from their homes.

AB 532 (Lieu) - Will protect victims of domestic violence, their families and our communities from potential gun-related danger. The bill will allow law enforcement officers to obtain a warrant to seize firearms or deadly weapons that remain inside a house after a domestic violence or mental health incident.

AB 626 (Eng) - Required that no less than 10% of the $139 million appropriated from prop 84 for IRWMP to fund projects that provide direct benefits to disadvantaged communities. However, there was some confusion in the Department of Water Resources on whether they can award the entire 10 percent for disadvantaged communities across every hydrological region. Disadvantaged communities around the state struggle to meet basic water related public health functions including supplying safe drinking water to their communities and maintaining basic wastewater infrastructure. AB 626 makes it clear that disadvantaged communities in each region of the state receive this minimum investment.

AB 636 (Jones) - Increases penalties for charter bus companies and drivers for failure to comply with safety and licensing regulations. Introduced after last year's tragic Colusa bus crash that took the lives of several residents of Jones' Sacramento district, the new law permanently rescinds the operating permit of a bus company if it is found operating without a permit or on a suspended license, knowingly hires an unlicensed bus driver, or fails to register its buses with the Department of Motor Vehicles. The law also suspends unlicensed bus drivers for a period of 5 years.

AB 637 (Hill) - Requires the California Public Employees' Retirement System contracting agencies to use Electronic Funds Transfer for payments which will reduce paper transactions and lead to cost savings worth hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

AB 647 (Yamada) - Requires California's Department of Motor Vehicles to comply with federal law and allow consumer access to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS). Established under the Anti-Car Theft Act of 1992, NMVTIS is an electronic vehicle-history database maintained by the Department of Justice that enables states, law enforcement agencies, and consumers to verify and exchange auto titling, theft and brand data.

AB 669 (Fong) - Removes barriers for foster youth to attend California community colleges. Specifically, the bill gives current and former foster your residency status, in order to avoid paying higher tuition fees.

AB 671 (Krekorian) - The California Golden Shield Act, establishes an official California State honorific that pays tribute to our peace officers, firefighters and other public safety officers who sacrifice their lives for the safety of Californians. This statute requires that the Governor present the California Golden Shield, on behalf of the State of California, to the families of the fallen public safety officers killed in the line of duty.

AB 672 (Bass) - Allows local transportation agencies with approved Prop 1B projects to expend their own funds to move the projects along and be eligible to be reimbursed from Prop 1B bond funds.

AB 688 (Eng) - Seeks to protect victims of domestic violence from re-victimization by clarifying that a person charged with a misdemeanor domestic violence may not be released on their own recognizance until they first appear before a judge or commissioner. Currently, there are discrepancies in state law that potentially allow for the release of a person charged without ever appearing before a judge or commissioner. If this bill is vetoed, the existing inconsistencies in state law will continue to endanger people's lives by potentially permitting some perpetrators to go back into the community without the proper screening of a judge or commissioner.

AB 708 (Huffman) - The illegal poaching of fish and wildlife poses a serious threat to California's wildlife species and biodiversity. Poaching cases are on the rise and California is particularly impacted because the current fines and penalties have proved insufficient to serve as an effective deterrent. AB 708 will establish minimum mandatory fines and increased revenue to local prosecutors to prosecute the egregious poaching of fish and wildlife in order to provide a serious deterrent to this illegal activity.

AB 719 (Lowenthal) - Provides one year of federally-funded food stamps to foster children who "age-out" of the system at 18. In addition to providing needed benefits to these at-risk youth, the program will also bring federal funds to give needed economic stimulus effect at the local and state level: Every $10 in new Food Stamp benefits generates $18.40 in economic activity, which results in more funds to the state General Fund.

AB 750 (Bass) - Provides Superior Courts the ability to operate deferred entry of judgment (DEJ) reentry programs in lieu of jail time for low-level, non-violent offenders. AB 750 is modeled after a program – Back on Track – developed by the City of San Francisco. The year-long program requires participation in workforce training, educational training, drug counseling, and has a proven track record of reducing recidivism among its participation.

AB 758 (Bass/Skinner) - Establishes a comprehensive statewide program to improve the energy efficiency of the state's existing residential and commercial building stock. Such a program will include energy audits, financing options, public outreach efforts, and workforce training. AB 758 will produce a significant return on investment -- reducing greenhouse gas emissions and decreasing energy consumption.

AB 856 (Caballero) - Protects consumers who buy organic produce from California, and protects the integrity of California's organic farmers by increasing the authority of the California Department of Agriculture to regulate manufactures of organic fertilizers.

AB 890 (J. Pérez) - City of Maywood Safe Drinking Water Act – this law directs the water providers within the City of Maywood to develop an action plan to improve the water delivery infrastructure and reduce contaminant levels in the water, and includes several provisions to force the water providers to operate with more transparency and responsiveness to community concerns about the water quality.

AB 906 (Hill) - Helps local governments take advantage of existing energy efficiency programs without violating state laws that prohibit economic conflicts of interest. (Effective upon signature by Governor)

AB 951 (Lieu) - Increases penalties on negligent and unscrupulous charter bus companies that jeopardize passengers' lives by violating safety standards. This bill was introduced in response to a tragic bus crash that occurred last year in Colusa which killed 11 and injured 40 passengers.

AB 952 (Krekorian) - This new statute allows Taft-Hartley trusts (health plans governed by the federal Department of Labor) to administer benefits for their enrollees in an efficient manner. AB 952 seeks to provide a remedy for Taft-Hartley plan administrators and allow them to work better in California. A new provision will be made in the Confidentiality of Medical Information Act to allow protected health information necessary for the administration of health benefits for Taft-Hartley enrollees, while maintaining the more rigorous privacy benefits provided by California law.

AB 975 (Fong) - Encourages water conservation by requiring private water corporations to install water meters.

AB 992 (Lieu) - Addresses a spike in property tax reassessment scams resulting from the rapid decline of housing prices over the past few years. The bill prohibits the collection of advance or late fees for property tax reduction services and requires written authorization from the property owner before any reassessment requests are filed.

AB 1031 (Blumenfield) - California colleges have suffered severe budget cuts and must reduce their costs. Yet they cannot get credit on their utility bills for renewable energy they generate, unless the electricity is used in the same structure where it is generated. This bill requires utility companies to give credit to state colleges and universities for all power they generate on campus.

AB 1070 (Hill) - Increases the Medical Board of California's ability to protect health care consumers by clarifying their ability to enforce proper reporting, licensing and regulation of physicians and surgeons.

AB 1083 (J. Pérez) - Health Facilities: Security Plans – this law requires hospitals to annually review and update the security and safety plans to help ensure patients and workers do not become victims of violence.

AB 1093 (Yamada) - "Taneka's Law" clarifies that a workers' comp claim can not be denied based solely on a personal characteristic of the victim and a third party's hatred of that characteristic such as race, religion, or gender.

AB 1130 (Solorio) - This bill revises the school accountability system to include a growth measurement of the academic performance index (API) that increases the validity and accuracy of academic progress of the same students over time, an important step toward comprehensive academic achievement measures.

AB 1160 (Fong) - Protects non-English speaking consumers from mortgage fraud by requiring mortgage lenders to provide a written translated summary of the mortgage contract.

AB 1196 (Blumenfield) - California is expected to receive more than $50 billion in federal stimulus funds in the next 2 years, 7% of which is predicted to be lost to fraud by government contractors. This legislation will strengthen and expand the ‘false claims' law, which enables private citizens to report intentional fraud by a contractor, and if the claim is true, reap a significant portion of the damages awarded by a court. Without Bob's bill, billions of state dollars would not be protected by against fraud, including CalPERS, CalSTRS, UC funds and government subcontractors.

AB 1217 (Monning) - Requires the Ocean Protection Council to develop and implement a voluntary sustainable seafood promotion program.

AB 1319 (Krekorian) - A comprehensive consumer protection bill to stop abusive and deceptive practices in the entertainment, talent, and modeling industries that sets guidelines under which legitimate businesses can operate, alerting consumers to dishonest business practices and by providing law enforcement with the tools necessary for investigation and prosecution. AB 1319 does not affect legitimate talent agents or talent managers who earn money strictly through commissions and do not charge their clients advance fees. This new law ensures that talent listing services are providing accurate information to clients, requires that talent services maintain records and supporting proof and documentation and updates and revises consumer protection statutes created a decade ago. This law is strongly supported by a broad coalition of law enforcement, labor, industry leaders, and consumer protection organizations.

AB 1390 (Blumenfield) - Keeping children safe at school must be a top priority. Nationwide, 357,000 students are expelled or suspended for gun and other incidents annually. Many of these events are not reported to local law enforcement, depriving police of information that helps them track gang violence and take preventive action. This bill will close this loophole by requiring school personnel to report serious campus crimes to local police.

AB 1398 (Blumenfield) - California is the birthplace of the high tech industry, yet current law still contains a prohibition on school districts' spending funds to purchase digital textbooks. This bill will remove this prohibition. This prohibition has meant that students have unnecessary back strain and health issues, that many students have access to only old and out of date textbooks and almost all students are missing out on the learning potential of interactive learning made possible in today's information age.

AB 1422 (Bass) - Due to the state's fiscal crisis, and the resulting General Fund reductions, the Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board (MRMIB) requires approximately $196M to support the Healthy Families program. AB 1422 extends the 2.35% gross premiums tax to Medi-Cal managed care plans until January 1, 2011. Extension of this tax will generate approximately $157M, which in turn will generate approximately $97M in additional federal matching funds for the Healthy Families Program. AB 1422 ensures the solvency of the Healthy Families program and that it will not have to disenroll almost 600,000 children. (Effective upon signature by Governor)

AB 1465 (Hill) - Helps California meet its drought and water shortage challenges by ensuring that urban water suppliers that are members of the California Urban Water Conservation Council are in compliance with the Urban Water Management Planning Act.

AB 1494 (Eng) - This bill strengthens the state's open government meeting laws by preventing a member of a state board or agency from holding individual meetings with a majority of members behind close doors to work out an agreement on an agenda issue before that board or agency.

All Chaptered Assembly bills without an urgency clause for the 2009-10 regular session.

AB - 9
Political Reform Act of 1974: expenditures.
AB - 14
Vehicles: nuisance abatement: impoundment.
AB - 20
University of California: California State University: contracts.
AB - 22
Computer hacking: unauthorized access: punishment.
AB - 27
Arson: aggravated: punishment.
AB - 30
Elections: voter registration.
AB - 31
Public contracts: Small Business Procurement and Contract Act.
AB - 32
Public officials: personal information.
AB - 37
Public postsecondary education: honorary degrees.
AB - 45
Distributed generation: small wind energy systems.
AB - 48
Private postsecondary education: California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009
AB - 58
Sports betting pools.
AB - 59
Alcoholic beverages: proof of age: military identification cards.
AB - 62
Vehicles: television broadcast or video signal displays.
AB - 63
Service contracts: retailers.
AB - 65
Public employee health benefits: vision care: local, school, and university members.
AB - 66
Pupil work permits.
AB - 73
Marriage licenses: vital records: fees: domestic violence.
AB - 74
Flood control: Middle Creek and Hamilton City Flood Damage Reduction
and Ecosystem Restoration Projects.
AB - 76
Life and Annuity Consumer Protection Fund.
AB - 81
Interscholastic athletics: pupils in foster care.
AB - 85
Junk dealers and recyclers.
AB - 86
Public employees? retirement: airport police officers.
AB - 91
Vehicles: driving under the influence (DUI): ignition interlock device.
AB - 94
Natural Heritage Preservation Tax Credit Act of 2000.
AB - 99
Secondhand dealers and coin dealers.
AB - 107
Veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians.
AB - 108
Individual health care coverage.
AB - 110
Parks and open space: Rim of the Valley Trail Corridor: boundary revisions.
AB - 112
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority.
AB - 116
Transportation authorities and districts: contracts.
AB - 117
AB - 119
Health care coverage: pricing.
AB - 121
Judgment liens: continuation.
AB - 123
Housing for elderly or disabled persons.
AB - 130
Vital records: marriage records.
AB - 131
Juvenile proceedings: costs.
AB - 134
Vehicles: off-highway motor vehicles.
AB - 138
Accounting firms: peer review.
AB - 140
Developmental disabilities.
AB - 144
Vehicles: distinguishing placards and special license plates.
AB - 154
Adoption assistance: federal law.
AB - 158
Secondhand dealers and coin dealers.
AB - 162
Disclosure of sources of electrical generation.
AB - 166
Vessels: abandonment: abatement.
AB - 167
High school graduation: local requirements: foster children.
AB - 169
Communicable disease: involuntary testing.
AB - 170
Court reporters: rough draft transcript.
AB - 171
Dental services: credit.
AB - 172
Alcohol beverages: places of consumption.
AB - 174
School district reorganization.
AB - 175
Medical telemedicine: optometrists.
AB - 176
Maintenance of the codes.
AB - 210
Green building standards.
AB - 215
Skilled nursing facilities: ratings.
AB - 232
Teachers? retirement.
AB - 235
Emergency services and care.
AB - 236
Employment: car washes.
AB - 239
Teacher credentialing.
AB - 240
Conveyances: DeLaveaga Park.
AB - 242
Dog fighting.
AB - 247
Child abuse reporting: availability of information.
AB - 248
Public resources: ballast water management.
AB - 250
Criminal procedure: trials: timing.
AB - 254
Emergency vehicles: payment of tolls: exemptions.
AB - 258
Domestic violence: restraining or protective order: aggressor.
AB - 260
AB - 262
American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan: energy activities, programs, or projects.
AB - 265
Office holding: forfeiture.
AB - 269
Elections: corruption of voting.
AB - 271
California YouthBuild Program: funding and designation.
AB - 274
Solid waste: landfills: closure plans.
AB - 282
AB - 285
Corporations: electronic transmissions.
AB - 286
Vehicles: additional registration fees.
AB - 287
Persons with developmental disabilities: employment.
AB - 292
Personal income taxes: contributions: Alzheimer?s disease.
AB - 293
Gambling regulation.
AB - 295
Children: adoption services.
AB - 297
Criminal history information: law enforcement employees.
AB - 299
AB - 303
Medi-Cal: designated public hospitals: seismic safety requirements.
AB - 305
Hazardous materials: statute of limitations: penalties.
AB - 306
Elections: voter pamphlets.
AB - 313
Common interest developments: assessments.
AB - 316
Wrongful convictions.
AB - 318
Bureau of Automotive Repair: inspection fees.
AB - 328
Electronic transactions: exceptions.
AB - 329
Reverse mortgages.
AB - 343
Pupils: military families.
AB - 344
State highways: relinquishment.
AB - 348
South Bay Irrigation District: directors.
AB - 356
Radiologic technology: fluoroscopy.
AB - 359
Breast and cervical cancer: early detection screening: digital mammography: reimburseme
AB - 361
Workers? compensation: treatment authorization.
AB - 370
Unlicensed contractors.
AB - 381
Unemployment compensation disability benefits: academic employees.
AB - 386
Public postsecondary education: instructional materials: disabled students.
AB - 388
Firefighting uniforms.
AB - 389
Long-term care insurance.
AB - 395
Employment: apprenticeship programs.
AB - 398
Acquired brain trauma: administration.
AB - 399
Public employee benefits.
AB - 400
State agencies: FISCal funds.
AB - 401
Financial institutions: finance lenders: exemptions.
AB - 403
Dental hygienists: examinations and licensure.
AB - 404
Income taxes: exemption: charitable organizations: administration.
AB - 407
Continuing care contracts: retirement communities: closure.
AB - 409
California Insurance Guarantee Association: insurer insolvency.
AB - 412
Hate crimes: nooses.
AB - 425
Vehicles: registration: reissuance fee exemption: military.
AB - 428
Criminal history records.
AB - 430
Corrections: citizens? advisory committees.
AB - 457
AB - 459
Dissolution: disclosure.
AB - 463
Vehicles: hazardous materials.
AB - 466
Santa Clara Valley Water District.
AB - 468
Public Employees? Medical and Hospital Care Act: employer contributions.
AB - 470
Insurance information: confidentiality.
AB - 474
Contractual assessments: water efficiency improvements.
AB - 483
Workers? compensation: Internet Web sites.
AB - 485
Civil Air Patrol: California Wing: employment leave.
AB - 486
Local government: emergencies.
AB - 487
Instructional materials: sale of surplus or undistributed obsolete instructional materials.
AB - 488
Children?s services programs: performance agreement contracts.
AB - 490
Pet stores.
AB - 494
Local planning: agricultural laborer housing.
AB - 501
Physicians and surgeons.
AB - 506
State teachers? retirement: postretirement earnings.
AB - 515
Collateral recovery: tow vehicles.
AB - 521
Utility property: leases for park purposes.
AB - 524
AB - 528
Local government: reorganization: expenditure reporting.
AB - 530
Unlawful detainer: controlled substances and firearms.
AB - 531
Energy consumption data: disclosure.
AB - 532
Search warrants: firearms.
AB - 539
State Auditor.
AB - 540
State Auditor: Bureau of State Audits: budget.
AB - 544
Teaching credential: American Indian languages.
AB - 547
Commercial feed: license fee: inspection tonnage tax.
AB - 561
Highway workers: assault and battery.
AB - 567
Government practices.
AB - 568
Counterfeit goods: abatement.
AB - 570
Local Housing Trust Fund Matching Grant Program.
AB - 576
Vandalism: graffiti: recovery of costs.
AB - 577
Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly.
AB - 590
Legal aid.
AB - 601
Motor vehicle insurance: special assessments.
AB - 606
California Blueberry Commission.
AB - 620
County clerks: recordkeeping: registrations.
AB - 626
Bond revenues: integrated regional water management: grants.
AB - 628
Vehicles: toll evasion violations.
AB - 636
Charter-party carriers: busdrivers.
AB - 637
Public Employees? Retirement System: contracting agencies.
AB - 644
Monterey-Salinas Transit District Act.
AB - 645
Professional engineers and land surveyors: licensing.
AB - 647
Vehicles: registration and title information.
AB - 652
Vehicles: vehicle length limitation.
AB - 654
State teachers? retirement.
AB - 665
State adoption services: investment.
AB - 667
Topical fluoride application.
AB - 669
Postsecondary education: residency requirements.
AB - 671
Public Safety Golden Shield Award.
AB - 672
Transportation: bond-funded projects: letter of no prejudice.
AB - 681
Confidentiality of medical information: psychotherapy.
AB - 688
AB - 691
School districts: 4-day school week.
AB - 698
Utility property.
AB - 708
Fish and wildlife: poaching.
AB - 712
Small claims court: equitable relief.
AB - 714
Composite knuckles.
AB - 717
Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day.
AB - 719
Transitional food stamps for foster youth.
AB - 720
Land use: housing element.
AB - 729
Public contracts: transit design-build contracts.
AB - 735
California Wheat Commission.
AB - 750
Deferred entry of judgment.
AB - 753
Ballot titles and labels.
AB - 758
Energy: energy audit.
AB - 762
Residential facilities: bedridden persons.
AB - 770
Indian tribes: foster care and adoption programs.
AB - 773
Health facilities: citations: notifications.
AB - 774
Community college districts: transportation fees.
AB - 789
Search warrants.
AB - 794
Teacher credentialing: fees.
AB - 798
California Transportation Financing Authority: toll facilities.
AB - 800
Insurance omnibus.
AB - 805
Vehicles: automobile dismantlers: license: applications.
AB - 818
Health facilities: connection ports.
AB - 820
Public employees.
AB - 824
Property taxation: assessment procedures.
AB - 825
Crab traps.
AB - 830
Drugs and devices.
AB - 839
Medi-Cal: providers: remedies.
AB - 851
Education finance.
AB - 854
Employment regulation and supervision: unpaid wages.
AB - 856
Fertilizing material: organic input material.
AB - 863
Public utilities: municipal districts: civil service exemptions.
AB - 866
California Earthquake Authority.
AB - 870
Crime: school grounds: prohibited weapons.
AB - 873
Vehicles: duplicate or substitute certificate of title or license plate.
AB - 881
Sonoma County Regional Climate Protection Authority: greenhouse gas emissions.
AB - 890
City of Maywood: drinking water.
AB - 892
Goods Movement Emission Reduction Program.
AB - 894
Ballot measures: fiscal impact statements.
AB - 896
Health care programs: provider reimbursement rates.
AB - 899
Common interest developments: disclosures.
AB - 904
Local capital investment incentives: qualified manufacturing facilities.
AB - 905
Agricultural commodities.
AB - 912
Telecommunications: Emergency Telephone Users Surcharge.
AB - 920
Solar and wind distributed generation.
AB - 926
State contracts: goods: loss leader.
AB - 927
Common interest developments: construction defects.
AB - 930
Department of General Services: Administrative Procedure Act.
AB - 931
Emergency supplies.
AB - 938
Relative caregivers and foster parents.
AB - 940
Attorneys: IOLTA accounts.
AB - 941
AB - 945
Secretary of Food and Agriculture regulation: equine drugs: fruits, nuts, and vegetables sta
AB - 947
Community colleges: nonresident tuition: foreign citizens.
AB - 951
Charter-party carriers.
AB - 952
Health information: disclosure: Taft-Hartley plans.
AB - 955
Public Safety Officers Procedural Bill of Rights Act: discipline.
AB - 962
AB - 966
Public employee benefits.
AB - 975
Water corporations: water meters.
AB - 991
Corporations: NASDAQ: national securities exchange.
AB - 992
Advertising: residential property taxes: assessment appeal application filing services.
AB - 995
Tissue bank licensing.
AB - 1003
Domestic violence grants.
AB - 1005
California Board of Accountancy.
AB - 1015
Nitrous oxide: prohibit sale to minors.
AB - 1020
Public swimming pools: anti-entrapment devices and systems.
AB - 1025
Schools: employees and volunteers: Activity Supervisor Clearance Certificate.
AB - 1031
Renewable energy resources.
AB - 1045
HIV and AIDS reporting.
AB - 1046
Enforcement of judgments: exemptions: homesteads.
AB - 1051
Veterans: Pooled Self-Insurance Fund.
AB - 1052
Bay-Delta Sport Fishing Enhancement Stamp.
AB - 1053
AB - 1059
AB - 1061
Common interest developments: water-efficient landscapes.
AB - 1066
Forest practices: timber harvesting plans.
AB - 1070
Healing arts.
AB - 1071
Professions and vocations.
AB - 1079
Environment: California-Mexico border.
AB - 1080
School districts: leases and agreements.
AB - 1083
Health facilities: security plans.
AB - 1084
Local planning: development projects: fees.
AB - 1085
State Air Resources Board: regulations.
AB - 1086
Public contracts: bids.
AB - 1090
AB - 1093
Workers? compensation.
AB - 1094
Disposal of personal information.
AB - 1110
Advanced electrical distributed generation technology.
AB - 1113
Prisoners: professional mental health providers: marriage and family therapists.
AB - 1116
Cosmetic surgery.
AB - 1123
Professions and vocations: process servers: registration.
AB - 1129
Firearms: concealed firearms.
AB - 1130
Academic performance.
AB - 1134
Elections: petitions.
AB - 1142
Medi-Cal: proof of eligibility.
AB - 1143
Marriage: name.
AB - 1145
Architects: fees.
AB - 1149
Political Reform Act of 1974: electronic filing.
AB - 1160
Contracts: translation.
AB - 1163
Attorney-client privilege: decedent?s estates.
AB - 1165
Flood protection.
AB - 1166
Parole: hearings: review.
AB - 1169
Elderly care: continuing care contracts: financial reporting requirements.
AB - 1172
Eastern San Joaquin County Water District.
AB - 1175
Toll facilities.
AB - 1179
Motor vehicle insurance: damage assessments.
AB - 1182
Public postsecondary education: reporting requirements.
AB - 1191
Alcoholic beverages: proof of age: passports.
AB - 1196
The False Claims Act.
AB - 1200
Motor vehicle insurance: direct repair programs.
AB - 1203
Transportation bond funds: transit system safety.
AB - 1209
AB - 1214
Fire insurance: underwriters? corps: liability.
AB - 1216
AB - 1217
Ocean Protection Council: sustainable seafood.
AB - 1219
Public transportation: Solano Transportation Authority.
AB - 1227
Workers? compensation: public employees: leaves of absence.
AB - 1232
Local agency formation commissions: powers and duties.
AB - 1233
Nonprofit and consumer cooperative corporations: nonprofit medical associations.
AB - 1240
Community colleges: leasing of buildings: sale of district property.
AB - 1245
Recovery of public records.
AB - 1246
Workforce housing cooperative trust.
AB - 1249
Inedible kitchen grease transporters: dead animal haulers.
AB - 1255
Agricultural seed: county seed enforcement subventions.
AB - 1269
Medi-Cal: eligibility.
AB - 1286
Firearms: purchasing restrictions.
AB - 1291
Unclaimed property.
AB - 1293
Public school employees: merit system.
AB - 1295
Postsecondary education: nursing degree programs.
AB - 1311
State government reports.
AB - 1317
Assisted oocyte production: advertisement: information.
AB - 1318
South Coast Air Quality Management District:
emission reduction credits: California Environmental Quality Act.
AB - 1319
Talent services.
AB - 1325
Tribal customary adoption.
AB - 1330
Veterans: pilot project: cooperative housing.
AB - 1337
Elections: electioneering.
AB - 1351
Renewable energy resources.
AB - 1355
County employees? retirement: survivor?s allowances.
AB - 1363
AB - 1366
Residential self-regenerating water softeners.
AB - 1368
Child day care: safety.
AB - 1381
High-occupancy toll lanes.
AB - 1383
Medi-Cal: hospital payments: quality assurance fees.
AB - 1386
State highways.
AB - 1388
Local agencies: general obligation bonds.
AB - 1390
School safety: school security and police departments.
AB - 1393
Foster youth.
AB - 1396
Elections: Democratic Party.
AB - 1398
Technology-based materials.
AB - 1403
Local transportation funds: planning and programming.
AB - 1406
County board of retirement: San Bernardino County.
AB - 1423
Commercial hunting clubs: Shared Habitat Alliance for Recreational Enhancement program: interference with hunting
AB - 1438
Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Fund.
AB - 1440
Elections: provisional ballots.
AB - 1441
Agricultural land: Williamson Act: lot lines.
AB - 1442
Fish and game: oil spills: wildlife rehabilitation.
AB - 1444
Disposition of state property: services contracts.
AB - 1448
Alcoholic beverage control: public schoolhouses.
AB - 1457
Long-term health care facilities: admission contracts.
AB - 1459
Multifamily Housing Program: veterans.
AB - 1463
High school graduation: military uniforms.
AB - 1464
Transportation: California Bicycle Routes of National, State, or Regional Significance Ac
AB - 1465
Urban water management planning.
AB - 1470
Alcoholic beverage licensees.
AB - 1471
Procurement: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.
AB - 1475
Emergency medical services.
AB - 1489
Hazardous materials: methamphetamine laboratories.
AB - 1490
Elections: results.
AB - 1494
Public meetings: definition.
AB - 1515
Vehicles: Electronic Lien and Title (ELT) Program.
AB - 1516
Criminal procedure: discovery.
AB - 1525
Elections: recounts.
AB - 1535
Audiologists: hearing aids.
AB - 1540
AB - 1541
Health care coverage.
AB - 1544
Health facilities: licensure: outpatient clinic service.
AB - 1545
Uniform Principal and Income Act: trust administration: income and payments.
AB - 1546
Taxation: limited partnerships: income tax:
dependent exemption credit: corporation tax apportionment.
AB - 1547
State Board of Equalization: taxes and fees.
AB - 1549
Judgment liens: priority.
AB - 1550
Department of Water Resources: refunding bonds.
AB - 1553
Telecommunications: universal service: deaf and disabled telecommunications programs.
AB - 1566
Banking: disclosures.
AB - 1568
Property taxation: disaster relief: Children?s Health and Human Services Special Fund.
AB - 1571
Mental health services: county plans: veterans.
AB - 1572
AB - 1573
Elections: voting.
AB - 1574
AB - 1575
Horse racing.
AB - 1578
Horse racing: thoroughbred racing: California-bred bonus program.
AB - 1582
Local agencies: spheres of influence.


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