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Author of 'A Treasure's Trove' announces the release of The Official Solution Book to A Treasure's Trove

Get Clued-In On How To Crack The Codes


By: Treasure Trove Inc.

Perplexed and frustrated treasure hunters, fear not! Although the book's original twelve tokens have been redeemed, A Treasure's Trove lives on. Michael Stadther, author and illustrator of the book that has spawned a nationwide treasure hunt for $1 million in jewels, today announced the release of The Official Solution Book to A Treasure's Trove. The guide offers Trove enthusiasts a peak inside the author's mind to understand how clues in A Treasure's Trove were solved and prepare for the anticipated second book. It may even help readers crack the code to find the gold token named for the book's villain, the evil Rusful, which was recently announced by Stadther as the fourteenth token that is still at large!

"A Treasure's Trove has experienced tremendous success to date and, more importantly, has made a huge impression on its readers" said Michael Stadther. "The Official Solution Book will allow fans to extend their involvement with the 'hunt' by testing their theories against the actual solutions. Now everyone can be a treasure hunter!"

Spanning across all ages, races and socio-economic backgrounds, A Treasure's Trove inspired readers across the country to seek out the locations of twelve hidden gold tokens, each representing one of the fairy tale's characters. From coast to coast, "trovers" scrambled against time to become the next person to claim a token. The finders include:

* Jake Pultorak of Pittsburgh, PA, who found the Dragonfly token in Ricketts Glen State Park in Pennsylvania;
* Randy Pischel of Mason City, Iowa, who discovered the Snail token in Lake Anita State Park;
* Reba Morris of Kernersville, North Carolina, who found the Butterfly token in western North Carolina;
* Kristin Seiger and Chris Gates of Newton, New Jersey and Fred Pacolitch of Thornhurst, Pennsylvania, who claimed the Grasshopper token, found in James Baird State Park near Poughkeepsie;
* Olivia Lancaster of Radcliff, Kentucky and Bob Burris of Russellville, Arkansas, who found the Caterpillar token, in Lake Dardanelle State Park in Arkansas;
* Jason Davis of Berkeley, California, who found the Firefly token in Foss State Park, Oklahoma;
* Susan Peplinski of Grant, Alabama, who discovered the Ladybug token in Paintsville State Park, Kentucky;
* Catherine McClure of North Hollywood, who unearthed the Hummingbird token in Jackson, Wyoming;
* Chris Seacord of Atlanta, Georgia and Daniel Ford of Dallas, Texas, who collaborated to find the Ant token, in Moab, Utah;
* Randall Hartwright of Plano, Texas, who located the Bee token in Santa Rosa, New Mexico;
* Tim Stone and Scott Kunze of Tucson, Arizona, who found the Spider token, in Prickett's Fort State Park in West Virginia; and
* David Somers of Arlington, Massachusetts and Mark Moeglein of Ashland, Oregon, who worked together to find the Beetle token in Badlands National Park, South Dakota.

The Official Solution Book reveals how the puzzles for the twelve jewels were solved, how Michael Stadther developed the hunt, and how he hid the tokens. The book also details the stories of the finders, as well as the experiences of children, parents and grandparents who became engrossed in A Treasure's Trove.

The fourteenth token, recently announced during one of Stadther's book readings in Kentucky, is representative of Rusful, Master of the Darklings, and is redeemable for an uncut black diamond worth thousands of dollars! An important note to readers: finding the location of the Rusful token will require using the clues released on the Web site, www.atreasurestrove.com, and the pages of the book.

Stadther's second book, Secrets of the Alchemist Dar, is scheduled for publication in September, 2006. Hidden in the pages of Secrets of the Alchemist Dar are clues and puzzles that, when found and solved, will tell the reader how to claim a treasure - one of 100 jeweled rings Stadther has assembled for his second, international treasure hunt. Read up with the Solution Book and get clued-in on how to mentally prepare for the second hunt!

The Official Solution Book to A Treasure's Trove is on sale now and can be purchased at bookstores across the country as well as on www.atreasurestrove.com for $14.99.


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