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6 Healthy Recommendations for Super Bowl Entertaining

There's no rule that your Super Bowl party has to feature boring sporting-event staples like chicken wings, pizza, chips, and soda. With that in mind, the food detectives at the Center for Science in the Public Interest, publisher of Nutrition Action Healthletter, are recommending six delicious recipes and packaged foods for Super Bowl entertaining that offer a break from the same old high calorie, salty, fatty, sugary, and over-processed party fare.

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Skip the Dip! Super Bowl Team Cities See Spike in Flu Deaths

Boston and Seattle football fans beware! Cities with teams in the Super Bowl see a big spike in flu deaths, according to a new Tulane University study.

Using county-level statistics from 1974-2009, researchers found that having a team in the big game caused an 18 percent increase in flu deaths among those over 65 years old, historically the most vulnerable to influenza.

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Secretary Jewell Announces Nomination of 10 Buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright to the World Heritage List

Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell today announced that the United States is nominating a group of 10 buildings in seven states designed by American architect Frank Lloyd Wright for inclusion on the World Heritage List, which recognizes the most significant cultural and natural sites on the planet.

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Learn math without fear, Stanford expert says

Students learn math best when they approach the subject as something they enjoy, according to a Stanford education expert. Speed pressure, timed testing and blind memorization pose high hurdles in the youthful pursuit of math.

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Overweight video game avatars ‘play’ worse than thin ones, study says

Women assigned an overweight avatar in a video tennis game didn’t play as hard as those assigned a slim one — regardless of the player’s actual size, according to a new study by the University of California, Davis.

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Illusion of Lights: A Journey into the Unseen (TRAILER)

Illusion of Lights introduces you to the concept of movement and time that visually explores our night skies. Beginning with the dazzling chaos of urban light pollution, the film takes you on a magnificent trip across pristine wilderness areas and shares with you the wonders of our night skies. With hundreds of thousands of gorgeous images produced especially for this project, Illusion of Lights gives you scene after scene of unique and detailed views from locations few will ever encounter. Fly over high altitude peaks, soar with the wind, and follow the Milky Way as it dances through the afterhours. From beyond the stars to beneath our feet, each time-lapsed sequence gives the viewer a visual narrative that attempts to communicate what the artist experiences each night in the field; natures expressions of human curiosity and ambition.

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Tax Prep Services: Buyer Beware

As tax season kicks off today, advocates from the National Consumer Law Center and Consumer Federation of America warn of the problems that taxpayers face due to the lack of regulation for paid tax preparers. “Tens of millions of consumers will use paid tax preparers to fill out their most important financial document of the year, yet most of these preparers are not subject to any minimum educational, training, or competency standards,” said Chi Chi Wu, staff attorney at the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC).

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There's No Such Thing As Cold

You’ve felt cold before. Sometimes it’s cold outside. But what if I told you that “cold” isn’t real? There’s no substance or quantity called “cold” in science. We can’t measure the amount of “cold” in something. Instead it’s about what’s NOT there. In this week’s video, learn the difference between heat and temperature, why a wind makes us feel colder, and what it’s like to live as a mass of jiggling atoms. This is the physics of cold.

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Consumer Watchdog Welcomes Death Of Google Glass

Consumer Watchdog today welcomed Google’s announcement that it would stop selling Google Glass, its privacy invasive wearable computing device and said the Internet giant should not offer a new version until privacy issues are solved.

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Quackwear: Big Pseudoscience Wants to Sell You Wearable Metal to Improve Your Health
Full story: AlterNet

Does My Dog Know What I'm Thinking? (VIDEO)

Do you ever talk to your dog? Do they ever talk back? Humans and dogs have a truly amazing relationship, developed along an evolutionary journey that goes back nearly 10,000 years. Do they really understand what we say, think, and feel? Recent research suggests dogs know more about our language and emotions than you might think.

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New Year's resolutions that connect with the 'ideal self' are most effective, Stanford psychologist says

New Year's resolutions present opportunities to connect to one's ideal self, a Stanford expert says.

Psychologist Kelly McGonigal says that research shows that when people resolve to change, they may immediately feel more confident, in control and hopeful.

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NRDC Sues EPA to Ban Toxic Flea Collars and Pet Products

Today, NRDC filed a lawsuit in federal court against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) challenging the agency’s decision to allow the continued use of a highly toxic pesticide called tetrachlovinphos (TCVP) in flea control products used on pets. Due to concerns that pesticides like TCVP can harm children’s brains and nervous systems, the agency has already restricted household use of TCVP’s chemical cousins in the class of pesticides called organophosphates. But EPA continues to allow neurotoxic TCVP to be used in flea collars for dogs and cats, which puts kids at risk. NRDC’s lawsuit follows EPA’s recent denial of NRDC’s 2009 petition seeking to cancel all pet uses of TCVP because of the health risks to children.

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How does salt melt ice? (video)

Winter weather can mean treacherous driving across much of the country. Road crews spread rock salt all over the highways and byways, but why? This week, Reactions breaks down the chemistry that keeps the roads safe when bad weather hits.

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National Park Service Launches Online Travel Itinerary About World Heritage Sites in the U.S.

The National Park Service’s newest online travel itinerary highlights the 22 World Heritage Sites located in the United States. Discover fun facts and interesting background information about sites across the country, from the Statue of Liberty to Hawaii Volcanoes, which have universal significance. Learn more at nps.gov/nr/travel/worldheritagesites.

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Popping the cork on champagne science facts (video)

When the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve, champagne bottles get popped all around the world. So what is it exactly that sends that cork flying? And what's the best way to pour your bubbly? This week, Reactions gives you plenty of champagne facts and tips to impress your fellow partygoers as you ring in the New Year.

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In Celebration of John Muir; December 24, 2014 marks the centennial of Muir's death

Tomorrow, December 24, 2014 marks the centennial of John Muir’s death.

Born in Scotland, raised in Wisconsin, John Muir is considered the father of our National Parks system, called by many "America's greatest idea" and later adopted around the world. He was a founder and guiding spirit of the Sierra Club, one of our largest and most effective environmental organizations. An author, naturalist, advocate, and friend of such prominent Americans as Teddy Roosevelt, Fredrick Law Olmsted, and Ralph Waldo Emerson, he achieved enormous fame and recognition. An institution in California, where he spent much of his adult life, Muir's name adorns a National Monument, a Pacific beach, a Sierra pass, a 14,000-foot mountain, a Wilderness Area and the spectacular 220-mile John Muir Trail, running from Yosemite Valley to Mt. Whitney. Schools, parks, and playgrounds also bear his name, and his home in Martinez, California is a National Historic Site.

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You Should Watch This Space Time-lapse Right Now

Watch Earth roll by through the perspective of ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst in this six-minute timelapse video from space. Combining 12 500 images taken by Alexander during his six-month Blue Dot mission on the International Space Station this Ultra High Definition video shows the best our beautiful planet has to offer.

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ATV and ROV Deaths Exceed 500 for 2014

As part of its ongoing work to educate consumers on using All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles (ROVs) safely, CFA has been tracking and posting ATV and ROV fatalities on its ATV coalition webpage: http://consumerfed.org/ATVunsafeonroads. The data is compiled from news reports and other sources collected by CFA’s ATVs on Roads coalition, composed of ATV safety advocates, academics and medical professionals.

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Witherspoon's WILD movie, featuring the Pacific Crest Trail, explores the transformative power of wilderness

It is not every day that our nation’s public lands play a lead role on the big screen. That changes this month when the movie Wild, and starring Reese Witherspoon, hits theaters across the country.

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Study Finds Toxic Chemicals in a Majority of Seasonal Holiday Products

A new research study finds that top retailers of holiday decor continue to sell seasonal products containing hazardous chemicals. Researchers found that two-thirds of tested products had one or more hazardous chemicals that have been linked to serious health effects. The study is an update to and expansion of research done in 2010 and 2013 by HealthyStuff.org (a project of the Ann Arbor-based nonprofit organization, the Ecology Center) which found high levels of chemical hazards in light strings, holiday garland and other decorative products.

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Firearm violence trends in the 21st century

While the overall death rate from firearm violence has remained unchanged for more than a decade, the patterns for suicide and homicide have changed dramatically, a UC Davis study on the epidemiology of gun violence from 2003 to 2012 has found. The study posted online in the Annual Review of Public Health on Dec. 12 and will appear in the print edition in January.

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The Science of Why Some People Don't Believe in Climate Science (VIDEO)

Here’s what psychologists and sociologists have to say about why some people don’t believe in climate science.

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FOUR PAWS launches web tool to help consumers choose animal-friendly down

FOUR PAWS has today launched a unique new web tool which shows consumers how some of the world’s biggest outdoor clothing and equipment brands are performing in terms of the animal welfare standards in the down they use in their products.

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The surprising history of tinsel (video)

It's been a holiday decoration staple for decades, and it turns out that silver stuff hanging from your tree has quite a storied past. Tinsel has been made out of everything from real silver, to lead to other dangerously flammable materials. This week's Speaking of Chemistry decks your halls with the history of tinsel.

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Forget Shouting: Guide to Productive Family Arguments Over Holidays

While many people try to steer clear of arguments with family members during holiday celebrations, two Vanderbilt University philosophy professors offer a better solution

Scott F. Aikin and Robert B. Talisse co-wrote Why We Argue (and How We Should): A Guide to Political Disagreement.

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Unleash Your Inner Scientist: A Formula for Success

For his first two books, Chad Orzel turned to Emmy, his trusty German shepherd mix, to help explain complex scientific issues.

The results, How to Teach Physics to Your Dog and How to Teach Relativity to Your Dog, proved to be a clever and popular way to dissect those difficult subjects.

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Top Five Holiday Gifts to Help Birds

Looking for that last-minute gift for someone who cares about birds? With 45 million Americans who enjoy bird watching, there certainly is a demand for such products. The experts at American Bird Conservancy have a few suggestions that can help solve that gift-giving dilemma and make a real difference for the thousands of bird species that call the Americas home.

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Study Explores Ku Klux Klan's Impact on U.S. Political System

The Ku Klux Klan’s failure to defeat the black civil rights moment is well documented, but the group’s lesser-known legacy may be its lasting impact on the U.S. political system, according to a paper published in the December issue of the American Sociological Review.

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Keep fire safety in mind as you deck the halls this holiday season

As you deck your halls this holiday season, make sure to keep fire safety in mind. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), home candle and decoration fires peak in December. Nearly half of all holiday decoration fires occur because the decorations are placed too close to a heat source, with two out of every five home decoration fires started by candles.

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