Adora McNeil: A Veteran’s Plea to the Nevada County BOS

By: Adora McNeil, Penn Valley

Dear Board of Supervisors, I am a disabled US woman veteran, authorized by federal law to participate in my State approved Medical Marijuana Program. I am writing this Statement to urge your reconsideration of the County’s Article 5. Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance.

I implore you to heed our CA Constitutional requirement of impartial, non-partisan consideration for the majority of your voters, post Measure W’s defeat. Disabled Veterans reside amongst your majority of voters, as do thousands of medically and financially challenged medical marijuana patients.

Your MJ Ordinance must recognize this demographic population! The Compassionate Use Act of 1996 is a positive law which not only defends the seriously and critically ill from legal prosecution, but also provides for the safe and affordable access, consumption and cultivation of medical marijuana.

Your medically disabled voters need not seek the Board of Supervisor’s permission to consume and cultivate medical marijuana when California law provides that legal right. Your responsibility is to uphold your Oath of Office to support our legal and civil rights.

Do craft an Ordinance which provides for the greatest civil liberties that Americans are guaranteed.

Do craft and Ordinance that protects the sick and needy from unnecessary arrests, fines and civil asset forfeiture of their homes and property.

Do craft an Ordinance that carefully considers precedent law, See People v. Kelly (2008) 47 Cal.4th 1008, 1043, 1049.

For the more financially able and ambitious members of our community, there exists the lawful opportunity to cultivate medical marijuana on a commercial basis. California provides legal pathways thru local permits and state licensing found in the MMRSA. You must also consider this voter demographic when crafting an Ordinance.

The opportunity exists for our men and women to engage in regulated commerce, sanctioned by state law. Let these men and women work! To deny their labor constitutes a terrible breach in our Constitution. To deny the opportunity to become legitimate businessmen and women is to deny the rights that your Veterans have fought and died to secure.

Adora McNeil
Sergeant, USAF 1980-1986