Op-Ed | Local attorney Heather Burke requests Nevada County Sheriff to hold off on sweeps until BOS meeting

By: Law Offices of Heather L. Burke

NEVADA CITY, Calif. July 20, 2016 – Today, the Law Offices of Heather L. Burke served a Public Records request on the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office, asking for full disclosure of cannabis cultivation inspections that were logged today in what appears to be another day of sweeps by the Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office has clearly increased their ordinance and marijuana inspections after Measure W’s defeat; my office alone has received a multi-fold increase in calls from County cannabis patients receiving inspection notices since June’s election. These inspections can only be characterized as repeated sweeps of particular areas, with official threats of warrants for all who do not consent to an immediate inspection.

We invite the Sheriff to hold off on enforcing Ordinance 2405 pending the Board of Supervisors meeting on July 26. At best, the Sheriff is enforcing an ordinance the people of Nevada County have resoundingly rejected.