Op-Ed | Scott V. Young: Supervisors, please honor your promise

By: Scott V. Young

July 21, 2016 – Dear Supervisor Beason,

I am a voter in your district, a public high school teacher, a rural land owner interested in rural land quality and preservation, a father of 5 kids between the ages of 14 and 23, and a 17 year resident of this county. I voted no on Measure W, and DO NOT SUPPORT a ban on cannabis cultivation, outdoors or indoors.

Like most people in this county, I support intelligent, transparent, collaborative governance. When Measure W failed, I assumed the BOS would keep their promise rescind it, and to convene a meeting of local stakeholders to re-write a more enforceable, practical, and fair set of cannabis regulations. It appears you have not done this.

Please, honor your promise. The county needs the BOS to focus on public lands destruction, the meth and opioid epidemics, fire prevention, preserving open space and other issues far more important than banning cannabis.

In addition, if the marijuana legalization measure on the state ballot passes in November, as it is expected to, the County’s regulations will have to fall into line, or the county will face extraordinary legal costs as a result of the ban. Consider the people’s money carefully – that is one of your sworn duties.

Scott V. Young