Pamela Biery: A Future Vision for Nevada County

By: Pamela Biery, Grass Valley


Thank you, Sheriff Royal for your concern and asking citizens to think of the future they wish to see for Nevada County.

After watching a number of rural towns and communities decline when they closed their minds and eyes to the future, I have some definite impressions of what I would like to see for the next generation in Nevada County.

I would like to see a smart, well-informed community, looking ahead to take full advantage of changing State and Federal law, embracing change that creates income, jobs and invites some of the most profitable businesses in California to be part of Nevada County’s tax base.

I see thriving, walkable, family-friendly downtown areas, streets and highways in good repair and schools meeting their financial needs while providing solid education for a vibrant population of middle-class children. I see a new generation of merchants ready to bring a positive, energetic small business community to Nevada County.

In other words, I see cannabis as a taxed and responsibility regulated legally cultivated agricultural product. I see Nevada County using its reputation as an asset to demonstrate how law enforcement, State guidelines, environmental organizations and communities can work together to do more for the common good.

Nevada County can have well-funded law enforcement, fire safety and public service programs as a result of a consistent income from responsible regulation and taxation of legal cannabis and cannabis related products.

I see Proposition W failing and Nevada County coming together to do something much more productive and intelligent than a ban on outdoor cultivation.

Citizens, please vote No on W and ask your Supervisor for a meaningful solution.


Pamela Biery
Grass Valley, CA