Friday, October 9 2015

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Odd News

Lunatic Alert: Christian group predicts the world will be 'annihilated' on Wednesday, Oct. 7
Full story: The Guardian UK

Gov. Sam Brownback says tax-starved Kansas has enough money to prepare for a zombie apocalypse
Full story: Raw Story

Edward Snowden: we may never spot space aliens thanks to encryption
Full story: The Guardian UK

Historian understood to have found first use of word f*** in 1310 English court case
Full story: The Independent UK

Having solved all other problems in the state, Florida Supreme Court rules that judges can't wear colorful robes (photo)
Full story: Orlando Weekly

Your tax dollars at work: Idiotic cop pulls black driver over for air fresheners (VIDEO)
Full story: YouTube

‘I’LL MARRY A F*CKING CHAIR TO A TIGER': Twitter unleashes righteous scorn on Kim Davis — and it’s hilarious
Full story: Raw Story

Op-Ed: TBogg: Angry Bristol Palin wants Obama to get off her damn Alaska lawn, stop renaming her mountains
Full story: Raw Story

‘Straight outta appeals': Twitter hilariously mocks Kim Davis, the joy-stealing Kentucky clerk
Full story: Raw Story

Obvious: Walmart to stop selling AR-15 rifles due to 'decreased demand', not because it was the right thing to do
Full story: The Guardian UK

Funny or Die: Why Women Don't Direct More Action Movies (video)

Hollywood's leading female directors are interviewed by big-wig execs to see if they will pander to the studio's vision for its next blockbuster.

Read More

NYC airport shops have been selling drones despite threat to commercial aircraft
Full story: NY Post

Sarah Palin: Trump’s policies sound like they came after drinking a six-pack — and that’s why I like him
Full story: Raw Story

Donald Trump talks like a 4th grader: linguistic analysis
Full story: Raw Story

Texas judge orders young man to marry girlfriend and write Bible verses to avoid jail time
Full story: Raw Story

‘We Need Brain: Songify the G.O.P. Debate’
Full story: New York Times

Darwin Award: Snake-handling Kentucky Christian refuses treatment after rattlesnake bite - dies
Full story: Raw Story

A Trump-Caribou Barbie ticket in 2016? No kidding, the Donald 'would love that'
Full story: The Guardian UK

Rachel Maddow and Seth Meyers laugh their asses off at Donald Trump's GOP 'frontrunner' status (VIDEO)
Full story: Raw Story

The Sad Pluto Meme Is Making The Internet Weep
Full story: BuzzFeed

Florida Republican: Donald Trump is a Democratic plot to make GOP look stupid
Full story: Raw Story

Sarah Palin quitting her Internet-teevee-channel grift, because quitting is what Sarah Palin does best
Full story: Wonkette

Maine man tries to launch fireworks off top of his head, dies instantly
Full story: Raw Story

South Dakota county clerk threatens to marry her dog after Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marriage
Full story: Raw Story

Do as I say, not as I do: Sarah Palin's unmarried daughter and staunch advocate for abstinence before marriage, is pregant. Again.
Full story: Reuters

The 16 Best Cat Reactions to the SCOTUS Marriage Equality Decision
Full story: Pride.com

The Onion: Frustrated Republicans Argue Pope Should Leave Science To Scientists Who Deny Climate Change
Full story: The Onion

Pope Drops Mic On Climate Deniers In Encyclical Rap (VIDEO)

Not your average open mic session. Check out 'Pope Francis' spittin' en-sick-lical knowledge on climate science deniers.

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It Snowed Once And Other Things Donald Trump Thinks Prove Global Warming Is A Hoax
Full story: Think Progress

Full story: Think Progress

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