Sunday, May 24 2015

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Odd News

A Hysterical Man: The New Mad Max Film Is So Feminist My Scrotum Killed Itself
Full story: Jezebel

Separation of Church and Brain: Louisiana GOPer wants the government to help build Ken Ham's insane creationist theme park
Full story: Salon.com

GOP Senator James Inhofe -- the same idiot who brought a snowball to work to prove climate change is a hoax -- says carbon pollution is good for you
Full story: Raw Story

This Rat And Dog Are Best Friends And It's So Beautiful (PHOTOS)
Full story: Buzzfeed

Surprise! Teen chlamydia epidemic rages in sex ed-shunning Texas school district
Full story: Salon.com

Kentucky deputy accidentally shoots his own mom after bringing gun to wedding
Full story: Raw Story

Bumble Bee Foods and two employees charged after worker cooks to death in tuna oven
Full story: Raw Story

Dumbass Alert: Florida teen playing with cottonmouth snake he captured gets bit on the mouth (PHOTO)
Full story: Huffington Post

Pat Robertson: 'Smack' your little children to protect them from 'evil' devil music found inside iPods
Full story: Raw Story

Kansas bans welfare recipients from seeing movies, going swimming. Groveling, drowning in low self esteem, dying of boredom still legal.
Full story: Washington Post

WATCH: Terrified 'Tea Party Patriot' realizes he could lose Obamacare if GOP wins in 2016 (VIDEO)
Full story: Raw Story

The Onion: California Officials Assure Residents There Still Plenty Of Other Natural Resources To Waste
Full story: The Onion

Anti-vaxx mom abandons movement - after all seven her of her kids get whooping cough
Full story: Raw Story

The Onion: Indiana Governor Insists New Law Has Nothing To Do With Thing It Explicitly Intended To Do
Full story: The Onion

Nevada bill would allow motorized wheelchairs in bike lanes. What could possibly go wrong.
Full story: Las Vegas Sun

Hilarious tourist video: Indiana Is a Great Place To Be a Bigot

If you love covered bridges and discriminating, book your trip to Indiana today.

Read More

Hilarious Video: Florida Administrator Refuses to Say the Words Climate Change
Full story: Ecowatch

Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz Forgot to Procure TedCruz.com
Full story: Daily Kos

Twitter preps for Ted Cruz presidential announcement with hilarious #TedCruzCampaignSlogans
Full story: Raw Story

Walmart Workers to Earn $10 an Hour; Walmart Heirs "Earn" $445,776 an Hour
Full story: For Effective Government

US tourists carved their initials into Rome's Colosseum, took selfie, didn't think it was 'such a serious thing'
Full story: Raw Story

21 Things Circus Elephants Should Have Been Doing All Along -- and none of them involve rings (PHOTOS)
Full story: Buzzfeed

Creationist rejects discovery of 2.8 million-year-old jawbone of human ancestor because "only way to reliably know the age of something is by eyewitness reports"
Full story: Raw Story

Image of a weasel riding on the back of a woodpecker is 'extraordinary'
Full story: BBC News

The science of why no one agrees on the color of this dress
Full story: Wired

California lawyer files papers for 'Sodomite Suppression Act' to save state from 'God's just wrath'
Full story: Raw Story

Cats sitting on refridgerators. And they're NOT getting down. (PHOTOS)
Full story: Buzzfeed

South Carolina college with two out gay athletes bans homosexuality in the name of God
Full story: Out Sports

Sweet: Backyard crows bring gifts to 8-year-old girl who feeds them: 'It's showing me how much they love me'
Full story: Raw Story

Idaho Lawmaker Wonders If Women Could Have A Gyno Exam By Swallowing A Tiny Camera
Full story: Think Progress

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