Saturday, December 20 2014

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Odd News

Karma so sucks: Indiana church that fired gay choir director closing after attendance withers away
Full story: Raw Story

Omaha police arrest drunk guy driving on 4 flats with the airbag deployed
Full story: Omaha.com

Lava is on course to hit a gas station on the Hawaii's Big Island
Full story: Yahoo

The Story Of Hanukkah, As Told By Sloths (VIDEO)
Full story: Buzzfeed

New report from the U.S. Mint says it costs 1.7 cents to create each penny, and 8 cents to make each nickel
Full story: Consumerist

Jon Stewart: 'Puppet master' Dick Cheney's mind is 'the scariest f*cking place in the universe' (VIDEO)
Full story: Raw Story

Sick Bastard Alert: Dick Cheney on torture: I'd do it again. If innocent people get killed, tough shit.
Full story: FirstLook

Kittens vs. puppies in slow mo. Which will win? (VIDEO)
Full story: BBC.com

Jerk Alert: Former Rep. Joe Walsh applauds torture -- Rectal feeding is 'job description' of an 'American hero'
Full story: Raw Story

The Onion: Obama Calls For Turret-Mounted Video Cameras On All Police Tanks
Full story: The Onion

Here's what your city will look like when the ice sheets melt (Hint: you're going to need a bigger boat)
Full story: Grist Magazine

Oops, I let the baby cow in the house, mom. Here's my explanation. (VIDEO)

5yr old lets pet cow on house... without mom knowing.

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The Onion: Man At Airport Pissed That Other People Had Same Idea To Go Home For Thanksgiving
Full story: The Onion

Karma so sucks: Florida man pulls back gun hammer to threaten wife, dog - then accidentally shoots self in face
Full story: Raw Story

Watch This Incredible Timelapse Of What Happens When You Give A Homeless Dog A Makeover
Full story: Buzzfeed

Canadian Mother Gives Birth While On Vacation In The U.S., Faces $1 Million Hospital Bill
Full story: Think Progress

Georgia man gets $500 fine and probation for shooting and killing a Latino 22-year-old for pulling into the wrong driveway
Full story: AlterNet

Russian Miner Spends His Breaks Taking Wonderful Photos Of Foxes In The Arctic Circle
Full story: Bored Panda

Victorian grandmother photographed topless by drone had image published on real estate ads
Full story: 9 News Australia

West Virginia homeless man loses only photos of dead wife when cop throws backpack in river
Full story: Raw Story

Stephen Colbert: Don't feed the homeless - they'll come to expect it whenever they see humans
Full story: Raw Story

90-Year-Old Good Samaritan Arrested for Giving Food to the Homeless in Fort Lauderdale
Full story: Gawker

This Rescued Baby Otter Will Shock You With Its Fluffiness (PHOTOS)
Full story: Buzzfeed

Indiana dad cleaning gun shoots 9-month-old son in the head, and himself in the leg
Full story: Raw Story

Republican Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts campaign's sunflowers all over his website are in Ukraine
Full story: Buzz Feed

Everyone In What Looks Like A Group Photo On GOP Governor' Tom Corbett's Website Is Photoshopped, Including the Smiling Black Woman (PHTO)
Full story: Buzzfeed

All Alone in the Night - Time-lapse footage of the Earth as seen from the ISS

Inspired by a version of the opening sequence of this clip called 'What does it feel like to fly over planet Earth?', I tracked down the original time-lapse sequence taken on the International Space Station (ISS) via NASA, found some additional ones there, including the spectacular Aurora Australis sequences, and set it to a soundtrack that almost matches the awe and wonder I feel when I see our home from above.

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Imbecile Alert: Fox host asks whether female pilot bombing ISIS means we have 'boobs on the ground' (VIDEO)
Full story: Raw Story

Obvious: John Oliver takes a look at the Miss America pageant and asks, "How the f*ck is this still happening?"
Full story: Raw Story

This Owl And Cat Are Best Friends And It Will Melt Your Stone Cold Heart (VIDEO)
Full story: Buzzfeed
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