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Free Download: 2013 Fire Season Guide - Emergency Preparedness Guide & Evacuation Plan

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By: Fire Chiefs of Western Nevada County

2008 Scotchman fire, Yuba River Complex.
NEVADA COUNTY, Calif. June 21, 2013 - To the Residents of Western Nevada County:

Although it is still early in the summer, fire season is NOW. The lack of winter rains during the last 5 months has made this the fourth driest winter on record in the last 135 years. Conditions are comparable to what they would be in early August.

We urgently need your help in the following:

1. When venturing into the wildland, be extremely cautious when using fire! Campfires are not permitted outside of developed campgrounds in the Tahoe National Forest or on BLM land. Hot catalytic converters coming into contact with dry grass, cause fires each year.

2. If you see a fire, call it in immediately to 911. The quicker the notification, the better the chances of getting it under control.

3. Complete your defensible space NOW to prepare your property for wildfire season!

4. Be ready in case of evacuation – put together your evacuation kit. If you are told to leave, LEAVE.

We have put this guide together to assist you in having a safer fire season. PLEASE take a few minutes to read the suggestions and rules regarding fire in western Nevada County. PLEASE utilize the services of the Fire Safe Council. If you have questions – PLEASE talk to your local fire department. Preparing now can prevent problems later this summer. We URGENTLY need everyone's help to keep Nevada County safe this summer.

Fire Chiefs of Western Nevada County

Evacuation Planning

Nevada County has the potential for a number of natural disasters that you should be aware of and prepared for. Wildland fire is clearly the number one potential problem. However, a variety of emergencies including wind storms, snow storms, extreme heat, extreme cold, flooding, earthquakes, pandemic flu or acts of terrorism might necessitate an emergency response. This emergency preparedness guide is being provided to you so that you are informed and can prepare to care for yourself and your family. Emergency services will be overtaxed in all of these scenarios and may take days to mitigate every situation. In other words, you will need to be prepared to stand alone – potentially for days. Successful evacuations require good planning and coordination – amongst families, neighborhoods, communities and agencies. Start your planning now for possible emergencies in the future.

Please download, print, implement and share the information below.

Download the 2013 Fire Season Guide

Download the 2013 Emergency Preparedness Guide & Evacuation Plan

2013 Fire Season Guide by YubaNet

2013 Emergency Preparedness Guide & Evacuation Plan by YubaNet


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