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Nevada County Honors Employees


By: YubaNet

35, 30 and 25 years of service.
NEVADA CITY Calif. January 24, 2011 - The Nevada County BOS recognized 157 county employees who have served the citizens of Nevada County from 5 to 35 years.


Marla Gillard, Treasurer-Tax Collector's Office - Retired


Frank Koehler, Sheriff's Office - Retired


Robert Donnenwirth, Transit
Loletta Hadel, District Attorney's Office
Robert Kopp, Airport
Jenny McCauley, Public Works Department

20 years of service. Photo YubaNet

David Baker, Probation Department
Pam Clemens, Information & General Services
Joy Coy, CDA Administration
Michael Eccarius, Fleet Services
Lori Greene, Sheriff's Office-Corrections
David Humphreys, Public Defender's Office-Truckee
Michael Jewell, Sheriff's Office-Operations
Rodney Kahele, Juvenile Hall
Roberta LaFerriere, Dept. of Behavioral Health
Marc Mikan, Roads Engineering
Guy Selleck, Sheriff's Office-Operations
Liz Welsh, Human Resources

Robert Mariani, Sheriff's Office-Admin - Retired
MaryAnn Trygg, Madelyn Helling Library - Retired

Not able to attend today
Kathleen Cash Waldrum, Sheriff's Office-Admin.

15 years of service. Photo YubaNet

Daniel Buchholz, Wastewater Management
Tom Coburn, Facilities Management
Paula DeGiorgis, Dept. of Social Services
Katie Eckert, HHSA-Admin
Charlie Erion, Central Services
Kathryn Francis, District Attorney's Office
David Lade, Truckee Sheriff's Office
James Phillips, District Attorney's Office
Brian Rhodes, CDA Admin.
Forrest Robison, Wastewater Management
Dean Scanland, IS Admin

Posthumous Recognition
Terry Martin, Roads Maintenance

10 years of service. Photo YubaNet

Mary Aguilar, Dept. of Child Support Services
Beth Andrew, Dept. of Social Services
Alisa Austin, Grass Valley Library
Carol Babson, Facilities Management
Angie Bayne, Clerk Recorder's Office
Jeffrey Burget, District Attorney's Office
Sallie LaPlaca, Environmental Health
Linda Cosick, Probation Department
Lucinda Delorimier, Grass Valley Library
Michael Ertola, Probation Department
Kelly Flecksteiner, Sheriff's Office-Corrections
Fritz Gielow, IS Admin
David Huff, Environmental Health
Ray James, Housing and Community Services
Randal Langer, Sheriff's Office
Alison Lehman, Dept. of Social Services
Maryanne Long, Dept. of Social Services
Sean Mason, Sheriff's Office-Corrections
Joseph McCormack, Sheriff's Office-Corrections
Steven Muehlberg, Dept. of Social Services
Daniel Murry, IS Admin
William Nelson, IS Admin
Janice Osborne, Dept. of Social Services
Joyce Peterson, Dept. of Social Services
Gregory Powell, Environmental Health
Matthew Preszler, Dept. of Behavioral Health
Michael Quintana, Facilities Management
Jody Schutz, Public Defender
Daniel Sciacca, Building Department
Thomas Swisher, District Attorney's Office
Sheree Thompson, Assessor's Office
Tina Vernon, Treasurer-Tax Collector's Office
Barbara Weeden, Dept. of Social Services
Zsa Zsa Wied, Sheriff's Office-Corrections
Kim Williamson, Transit
Stacy Zachary, Sheriff's Office-Corrections

Not able to attend today

Caitlin Boxberger, Sheriff's Office-Admin
Richard Fevinger, Sheriff's Office-Operations
Dawn Graves, Dept. of Public Health
Marya Hooper, Dept. of Social Services
Beverley Lauer, Truckee Assessor's Office
Tanzy Maxfield, Truckee Library
Jan McHugh, Truckee Sheriff's Office
Susan Moody, Dept. of Public Health
Michael Railey, Facilities Management
Brendan Saunders, Truckee Assessor's Office
Christopher Sharp, Sheriff's Office-Operations
John Wingerd, Grass Valley Library

5 years of service. Photo YubaNet
5 years of service. Photo YubaNet

Courtney Abril, Public Defender's Office
Charles Asturias, Fleet
Sandra Balzer, Purchasing
MaryEllen Beauchamp, Dept. of Public Health
Jennifer Blix, Sheriff's office-Operations
Britt Broadhurst, Sheriff's Office-Corrections
Daniel Brown, Roads Maintenance
Kelly Carpenter, Dept. of Social Services
Kathleen Casci, Dept. of Social Services
Bobbi Catanzarite, Probation Department
Daniel Chatigny, CDA Admin.
Peter Cheney, Risk Management
William Cornell, District Attorney's Office
Farrah Cossairt, Sheriff's Office-Corrections
Rodney Cummins, Fleet
Deborah Curtis, IS Admin
Michael Davidson, Roads Maintenance
Margaret Duffy, Dept. of Social Services
Robert Elder, Solid Waste Western
Victor Ferrera, Emergency Management
Cynthia Frey, Dept. of Child Support Services
Roberta George, CDA Admin.
Ryan Gruver, Dept. of Child Support Services
Vincent Gutierrez, Transit
Michael Heggarty, Dept. of Social Services
Karen Heggarty, Dept. of Social Services
Sharon Hicks, Dept. of Child Support Services
Kenneth Holtgrewe, Probation Department
Joshua Hylinski, Fleet
Corinne Jacobs, Assessor's Office
Lynn Jefferson, Dept. of Social Services
Richard Kauffman, Wastewater Management
Darlene King, Dept. of Social Services
Greg King, Wastewater Management
Linnea Kosbab, Madelyn Helling Library
Zelma Lewis, Public Defender's Office
Billie Lewis, Transit
Jennifer Loper, Dept. of Social Services
Lois McClaughry, Sheriff's Office
Ann McCormick, Madelyn Helling Library
Nicholas McIntire, Sheriff's Office-Corrections
Katherine Michaeels, District Attorney's Office
Wesley Nicks, Environmental Health
Elizabeth Nielsen, HHSA-Admin
Jessica Norvell, Sheriff's Office-Corrections
Genielle Odom, HHSA-Admin
Laura Pappani, Madelyn Helling Library
Shane Peltzer, Sheriff's Office-Court Security
Christine Peters, Elections Office
Martin Polt, CEO's Office
Jeff Pylman, Agriculture Services
Sandra Ramos, Dept. of Child Support Services
Jason Robertson, Dept. of Social Services
Daryl Schlief, Roads Maintenance
Carol Smith, Dept. of Public Health
Ed Sommerhalder, Sheriff's Office-Corrections
Rebecca Spurgeon, Probation Department
Michael Sullivan, Sheriff's Office-Operations
Claire Tallman, IS Admin.
Kimberley Thompson, Assessor's Office
Michael Tomney, Sheriff's Office-Corrections
Hilda Wilson, Dept. of Social Services
Tamara Zuromskis, Public Defender's Office

Not able to attend today

Jill Beene, Sheriff's Office-Operations
Judith Bell, Dept. of Public Health
Joe Bush, Sheriff's Office-Corrections
Kristen Erickson-Donadee, Dept. of Child Support Services
Russell Greene, Sheriff's Office-Operations
Josephine Hodges, Sheriff's Office-Admin
Marie Ortola, Sheriff's Office-Admin
Karen Pranckitas, Public Defender's Office
Angeline Purwin, Dept. of Child Support Services
Karey Thibodeaux, Sheriff's Office-Admin
Douglas Wren, Sheriff's Office-Corrections

Editor's note: Congratulations to all and thank you for your service.


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