Friday, July 29 2016

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New McClintock Attack Site Plagiarizes Charlie Brown's Website


By: Brown for Congress

Brown: "I hope Tom will continue to copy us by accepting the Promises Kept Challenge next."

Sep. 26, 2008 - In the latest bizarre act by the hyper-partisan McClintock for Congress campaign, the Southern California career politician has plagiarized part of a new website devoted to attacking the patriotism of retired USAF Lt. Col. Charlie Brown-a decorated combat veteran, parent to a son readying for his fifth rotation in Iraq, and the only candidate in American history to donate a percentage of campaign funds to non profit groups helping veterans and families in need.

What's notable is that the content McClintock stole, was first posted by Charlie Brown.

"I hope Tom will continue copying me by accepting the Promises Kept Challenge next," Brown said. "I've given 26 years, my only son, and 5% of my campaign funds to our nation's defense, and our obligation to those who serve. It's time for Tom McClintock and career politicians like him to offer veterans more than empty words-especially when those words are stolen from someone else."

McClintock's new site includes a military and veterans "resources" page - a list of organizations dedicated to supporting veterans and their families. Except for one addition, McClintock's list is the same list of organizations, in the exact same order, as those listed on the veteran's center that Retired Lt. Col. Brown has had online for more than a year. The two nearly identical pages are linked below.



"Stealing veteran's content from Charlie only confirms how little McClintock knows about our military, and the issues veterans and their families face," said Brown Campaign Manager Todd Stenhouse. "It's just more phony patriotism from the politician who takes $300,000 in tax-free perks he's not entitled to, while voting against benefits for the widows of Californians killed in Iraq."

There are thousands of community based organizations that serve veterans and their families in need-something the Brown campaign has made a central issue through its "Promises Kept Veterans Charity Challenge." Through these efforts, Brown has donated more than $50,000 in campaign funds towards helping veterans in district 4. He has invited McClintock to join him, but McClintock has refused, repeatedly attacked the program publicly, and through a spokesman, referred to the plight of American war veterans as "not a real news story." (Roseville Press-Tribune, March 20, 2008).

Charlie Brown's candidacy for Congress has developed a national following among military and veterans leaders-- endorsed by hundreds of veterans, family members, veterans advocacy groups, and veterans media publications - including, Former VA Administrator and US Senator Max Cleland, Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander General Wesley Clark, The Honorable Pete McCloskey, Senator Jim Webb of Virginia, The Veterans Alliance for Security and Democracy (VETPAC), The Circle of Friends for American Veterans, Citizens for a Better Veterans Home, Empowering Veterans Inc., Veterans and Military Families for Progress, VoteVets.org PAC, and Veterans' Vision-a national, non-partisan news publication for veterans and their families.

Retired Lt. Col. Charlie Brown spent 26 years in the U.S. Air Force, flying rescue helicopters at the end of the Vietnam War, piloting reconnaissance missions around the world, and coordinating a variety of intelligence collection assets. His decorations include the Distinguished Flying Cross, Sikorsky Winged S, 7 Air Medals, and 5 Meritorious Service Medals. A graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, Brown also owns a California teaching credential and served 8 years on the Professional Staff of the Roseville Police Department.

PO Box 368, Roseville, CA 95661
(916) 782-7696; E-mail: info@brown4congress.org


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