NEVADA CITY, Calif. February 6, 2016 – Over 250 members of the public and 19 panelists representing 18 activist groups attended a Town Hall meeting tonight at the Nevada Theatre. Organized by and live broadcast on KVMR, the event showcased new and established activist groups.

Our thanks to the panelists for their time and expertise, to the audience for sharing their opinions and questions – Nevada County has proven once more to be a diverse and engaged community.

The list of tonight’s groups and their contact information is below.

Action Coalition Team, Nevada City Families

Citizens for Choice


Green Party

Indivisible Gold Country

Indivisible Women Nevada County

League of Women Voters

Move to Amend

Nevada County Chapter of Health Care for All

Nevada County Climate Coalition

Nevada County Democrats

Nevada County Tea Party

Peace & Justice Center

Reinette Senum Nevada City Council

Resistance US

Sierra Roots

State of Jefferson

Streicher House (Pauli Halstead was unable to make the panel due to illness)

Yuba Indivisible

Special thanks to Nevada Theatre’s board member Jane Primrose for sponsoring the event!

2 replies on “18 activist groups join Town Hall at the Nevada Theatre”

  1. It truly was a great meeting/beginning.

    The nineteen panelists were only a cross section of the many efforts going on within the county.

    The lesson was clear: “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” – Benjamin Franklin

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