April 1, 2021 – This year will be the 20th running of the Joanie Bumpus Daffodil Run in Penn Valley.  As a long time runner, Joanie’s goal was to promote fitness and running in the Penn Valley community. 

The Daffodil Run continues with the goals she established but has grown into a major supporter of  Penn Valley area programs including:  local schools, Western Gateway Park, Penn Valley Rotary for youth leadership programs, scholarships and support of PV Little League and PV Cub Pak, Penn Valley Area Chamber of Commerce  for scholarships and community improvements,  and also the Penn Valley Hi-Graders Lions Club for scholarships, school dictionaries and Kindles for local schools, and to purchase eye glasses for those in need. 

“Since we still can’t hold large events, we thought it might be easier if participants could run within a given time period, and establish their best time,” explained Gene Gilligan, race director. “We have a wonderful path in the Western Gateway Park neighborhood area that is safe and accessible. We can still honor the goals that Joanie established, by enjoying the outdoors and staying healthy all at the same time. We hope folks with join in to keep the run going for another 20 years.”

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