The Siakumne Tribe, in partnership with 4 Elements Earth Education, invites the public to gather at the active native village they have built, with traditional bark houses, sweat houses, dance grounds and outdoor kitchen to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Indigenous Peoples Days. IPD is October 4th – 8th at Pata Panaka Village, 16200 Lake Vera Purdon Rd. Nevada City.

This is a free, volunteer-driven event open to the public. All those of good heart and mind are welcome.

Opening ceremony in Nevada City

Twenty-five years ago members of the Siakumne Tribe and other locals held a candlelight vigil on Broad Street, Nevada City, to protest Columbus Day. This has grown into a multiple day event to heal those historic wounds. Local native and non-native people gather every October to celebrate native history and culture.

This year’s theme: “We were here. We are here. We will always be here”

This year we are honoring and celebrating all those who have passed on, who dedicated their lives to ensuring we are all still here and able to thrive in the indigenous ways.

October 4th – 6th are 3 days of Youth Multicultural Education provided by 4 Elements Earth Education, featuring Fox Walkers Instructors along with Tribal Elders (invite only)

IPD opens Friday night, October 6th with a tribute to John Trudell, a friend of the tribe, poet, musician from his time with American Indian Movement, the occupation of Alcatraz, and lifelong activist who helped establish the American Indian Religious Freedom Act of 1978, giving us the freedom to practice, preserve and honor our ceremonies today!

Saturday, October 7th, includes a Sunrise Ceremony, the Calling Back the Salmon Ceremony and potluck feasts (salmon provided) as well as community sharing, with storytelling, music & dance, a descendant’s circle, raffle fundraiser and the bears come out at night.

Calling Back the Salmon - South Yuba River.
Calling Back the Salmon – South Yuba River. Bill Jacobson photo

We will be closing IPD on Sunday, October 8th with a remembrance potluck feast for all those we hold dear to our hearts for being an integral part of this organic local effort that is part of the national movement to replace Columbus Day with a native based celebration of history and culture to encourage education and healing. We will be honoring Fred ‘Coyote’ Downey, Roberto Garcia, Bettirose Davis, Dennis Banks, Russell Means, Charlie ‘Redhawk’ Thom, Jim ‘Keyman’ Huth, Haleakala Pule, Farrell Cunningham and more.

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Special Guests

Johnny Moses, Tulalip Master storyteller

Ka Hale Hula O Pilialohakalani O HiloTraditional Hawaiian Dancers, Dancing for Maui Anno Nakai, Saami songs

Kimberly Shining Star, storyteller Otsigeya Womens Drum

Grupo Kallpulli Keutzallcoatl Ocelotl- Mexica Ceremonial Dancers Chimaway, Chumash Songs

Lawrence Laughing, Round Dance Lighthawk-aboriginal didgeridoo Sage Trudell

Tierra y Soul Duo and others.


Friday, October 6th, 6pm – 9pm

Tribute to John Trudell with a film and music Poetry readings by Sage Trudell

Free Coffee, tea & snacks served

Support our fundraising bake sale!

Saturday, October 7th, 7am – 10pm Sunrise and Salmon Ceremony Potluck Feast (Salmon provided)

Community sharing (dance, storytelling, drumming and music)

Descendants Circle with special

Raffle throughout the day to be announced the same day.

Please bring a dish to share.

Sunday, October 8th, 8am – 6pm

8am Ricky’s Pancake breakfast.

10am Women’s Drum Opening, Community sharing (dance, storytelling, drumming and music)

3pm Remembrance potluck feast with films honoring elders and past participants who have passed on.

Silent Auction throughout the day to be announced the same day.

Please bring a dish to share.

In addition to our potlucks, we ask that you consider bringing additional snacks, including your own plates, utensils, chairs, blankets, coolers and anything that might assist you in having an enjoyable day


Please carpool where possible as parking is limited, we ask that you park in the bottom parking lot and walk up. If an Elder or handicapped person needs assistance, a parking attendant will provide them with a ride to the village site. Please honor our new protocol.

Zero tolerance for Drugs and Alcohol. No Pets allowed!

What to bring:

We are hopeful for the coming rains and being so, the ceremonies will proceed rain, smoke or shine; check the weather and bring your rain gear and umbrellas if necessary. Please remember to bring your own flashlights to light your way, especially for walking to and from your cars; lighting will be minimal at night. It may likely be a chilly evening so remember to bring layers for bundling up.

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