NEVADA CITY, Calif. January 22, 2019 – Nevada County Supervisors recognized long-serving employees during today’s BOS meeting. Collectively, the 93 employees recognized today have served Nevada County residents for 915 years.

30 Years of Service

These three topped this year’s longevity list and were introduced by their respective department/agency heads.

Linda Sager, Auditor – Controller
Grant Eisen, Environmental Health
Kathleen Anderson, Sheriff Truckee.

25 Years of Service

A quarter century of service to Nevada County residents has been provided by:

Cindy Kennard, Child Support Services
Kristen Scholz, District Attorney
David Nine, Sheriff Truckee

Kennard was the only one able to attend the ceremony, her co-honorees will receive their service pins and certificates soon.

20 Years of Service

Recognized for two decades of service were:

Carrie Hall, Auditor – Controller
Krista Pyzer, Clerk Recorder
Katherine (JANE) Leedy, Dept Social Services
Nancy Haffey, Human Resources
Gary Spriggs, IS Admin
Lynn Anderson, Sheriff Corrections

15 Years of Service

Rodney Mcclung, Building Inspection
Candice Schleef, Dept Social Services
Dominic Lafountain, District Attorney
Clifford Newell, District Attorney
Shirrell (DWAYNE) Cable, Facilities Management
Susan Kadera, Human Resources
Mark (LANDON) Beard, IS Admin
Francis (FRANK) Cook, Juvenile Hall
Robin Youngman, Probation
Brenda Amerio, Sheriff Corrections
Nicole Bradford, Sheriff Court Security
Sam Brown, Sheriff Operations
J Jason Mackey, Sheriff Truckee

10 Years of Service

Patrick Cotton, Auditor – Controller
Barbara Price, Clerk of the Board
Jamie Hogenson, County Counsel
Cynthia Bailey, Dept Social Services
Michelle Carrillo, Dept Social Services
Sharon Ramirez, Dept Social Services
Nicholas Ready, Dept Social Services
Sylvan Sizemore, Dept Social Services
Brittany Tassone, Dept Social Services
Jeremy Eslick, Facilities Management
Douglas Powell, Facilities Management
Allison Dobbins, HHSA-Admin
Cynthia Wick, Juvenile Hall
Amy Moon, Probation
Cynthia Wilson, Public Health
Eric Feightner, Roads Maintenance
Kelly Moyer, Roads Maintenance
Kaylee Toller, Sheriff Adm Support Services
Fatima Hagar, Sheriff Corrections
Joshua Rohde, Sheriff Corrections
Kelly Iott, Sheriff Court Security
Justen Rossiter, Sheriff Operations
Michael Vingom, Sheriff Operations
Suzzette Clothier, Veterans Services
Eric Gamblin, Veterans Services

5 Years of Service

Diana Fitzpatrick, Assessor
Jenise Whittle, Assessor
Phebe Bell, Behavioral Health
Kristen Oshea, Behavioral Health
Craig Griesbach, Building Inspection
Anthony Quatela, Child Support Services
Richard Anderson, Board of Supervisors
Nicholas Hoekstra, Code Enforcement
Janine Blote, Dept Social Services
Tracy Davis, Dept Social Services
Michael Degiorgis, Dept Social Services
Joseph Douville, Dept Social Services
Jessica Griffin, Dept Social Services
Jill Hart Hanam, Dept Social Services
Frances Locke, Dept Social Services
Teri Polcene, Dept Social Services
Laura Toaetolu Charter, Dept Social Services
Scotty Borror, Fleet
Sarah Graydon, HHSA-Admin
Bradford Kalstein, Is Admin
Chelsea Skalisky, Juvenile Hall
Jillene Davidson, Library Branch 1 – M Helling
Richard Strohl, Library Branch 1 – M Helling
James Amaral, Probation
Tarah Guild, Probation
Steven Sinclair, Probation
Tina West, Probation
Sherry Armstrong, Public Health
Kristina Kuca, Public Health
Barbara Nunez, Public Health
Reginald Clemens, Roads Maintenance
Liv Hale, Sheriff Adm Support Services
Darrick Cossairt, Sheriff Corrections
Michael Odell, Sheriff Corrections
Jessika Rosenkild, Sheriff Corrections
Dewayne Schilling, Sheriff Corrections
Kaycie Zander, Sheriff Corrections
Matthew Harrison, Sheriff Operations
Cody Johnson, Sheriff Operations
Matthew Morgan, Sheriff Operations
Zachary Snook, Sheriff Operations
Steve Stanley, Sheriff Operations
Clint Piper, Waste Water Management

Editor’s note: To all, thank you for your service!