Chip Wilder, Nancy Baglietto (Executive Director HH Shelter), Jane Sinclair, Debbie McDonald (Development Director HH Shelter), Jeff Olson (Kitchen and Culinary School Manager)

Grass Valley, November 29, 2017 – A months-ago Facebook post resulted in a major financial boon for Hospitality House, during the Day of Giving on November 28, all because of the 1970’s musical duo the Carpenters.

Earlier this month, a group of local musicians and singers performed “Simple Offering: A Tribute to the Carpenters” at the Nevada Theater in Nevada City. All the proceeds from that sold-out show were donated November 28 to Nancy Baglietto, Executive Director; Debbie McDonald, Development Director; and Jeff Olson, Kitchen Manager, of Hospitality House. Representing the Carpenters show cast were lead singer Jane Sinclair and Chip Wilder, who served as the primary liaison between the musicians and Hospitality House.

The genesis of the Carpenters show was an old video of the brother-and-sister duo that Sinclair posted on her Facebook page earlier this year. “I never received so many likes, comments and shares as I did for that video,” Sinclair recalled. “It took me completely by surprise. That led me to think that if that kind of response could come from a video, there might be an interest in doing a live show of their amazing music. Richard and Karen sold 100 million records during their active career, and people of all ages were responding to that Facebook post.”

Once the idea and concept for the show began to take shape, Wilder assumed the role of primary contact with Hospitality House staff, coordinating everything from promotion to delivery of snacks for the show audience, prepared by the culinary school students at Hospitality House. Wilder has a history of working with Hospitality House, producing a CD of holiday songs recorded by local musicians three years ago as a benefit for the organization. “Hospitality House is a crown jewel for Nevada County. It provides so many needed services. It was a lot of hard work but also very rewarding to see how everyone involved in the project just dove in and never let up in their efforts. It happened because we all believed in the value and message that Hospitality House brings to our community.”

“The entire staff at Hospitality House has just been thrilled about the Carpenters show and the follow-on impact,” said McDonald. “Quite a few people who bought tickets for the concert, knowing that money was going to Hospitality House, made additional donations and gifts after the show. There were not a lot of dry eyes during that performance. It was so heartwarming.”

McDonald added that since the Carpenters donation took place during the Week of Giving, the amount of the final donation was doubled. “That just makes this an even more special gift for us, and enables us to keep on providing services to the homeless. We’re so appreciative.”