NEVADA CITY, Calif. November 9, 2016 – With less than 35,000 votes counted this analysis is meant as a contrast and compare exercise. Nevada County voters appear to have gone against the grain in many regional, state and federal contests.

Hillary Clinton beats Donald Trump

16,199 voters favored Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton over Republican Donald Trump who garnered 14,686 votes. The 5% margin is greater than the 1.5% margin between registered Democrats and Republicans in the county. 811 registered Libertarians reside in Nevada County, their candidate Gary Johnson over-performed with 1,338 voters (4% of ballots counted.) 803 Green party voters saw their candidate Jill Stein collect 992 votes (2.96%.)

Harris beats Sanchez

AG Kamala Harris found favor with 18,437 voters (69.42%), whilst her opponent Loretta Sanchez captured 8,123 nods (30.58%). Enthusiasm for the race was not very high, 8,135 voters did not express a preference for one candidate over the other. Statewide, Harris leads by 62.5% to 37.5%.

La Malfa barely squeaks by in Nevada County

Rep. Doug La Malfa eked out a less than 1% victory over challenger Jim Reed in Nevada County. District-wide his margin of victory stands at 58.9% to Reed’s 41.1%.

Derlet defeats McClintock big time, only in Nevada County

Bob Derlet won by a convincing 63.45% over Tom McClintock’s 36.55% – but only in Nevada County. Derlet conceded the race to the incumbent this morning. McClintock leads district-wide by 62.3% to Derlet’s 37.7%. Besides Nevada County, only tiny Alpine County went for the challenger by a 55.5 to 44.5 margin.

Dahle’s margin of victory over Coenen smaller in Nevada County

Assemblyman Brian Dahle won handily in Nevada County by 66.35% to 33.65% for Donn Coenen, his Libertarian opponent. The 9-county district results are even more impressive, with Dahle garnering 74.5% of the votes counted so far.

Propositions’ outcome tell an interesting tale

Graphic: CA Secretary of State
Graphic: CA Secretary of State
Graphic: CA Secretary of State