June 3, 2019 – Nevada County Media (NCM) is excited to announce the newest addition to its stable of programming. “Are You Prepared?” is just the latest in a series of projects from NCM that focuses on raising awareness for fire safety. It centers around interviews conducted with experienced personnel and members of the community about the various actions you can take to make sure you are fire safe.

“Are You Prepared?” will air each Monday at 5pm on the Nevada County Media Facebook page and Comcast Channel 11. This series will also be available for viewing on the Nevada County Media Government Youtube Channel.

The pilot episode will debut June 3rd with an in-depth interview on how to prepare your home for potential fire and other related topics with Dr. Kate Wilkin, a Forest and Fire Adviser with UC Cooperative Extension in Nevada County.

“We’re looking to educate our community and give them useful, factual information that could potentially save their lives,” said Ramona Howard, NCM’s Executive Director. “We think this program is a great idea because you’re getting to hear it straight from the experts.”

There are currently 13 videos in this series, below are the first 8. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

1 – Kate Wilkin
Hardening Your Home
2 – Rich Adams – Forestry
Preparing large pieces of property/Forrest Management for fire
3 – Greg Tasonne – CHP
Evacuation & Sheltering in Place
4 – Adrienne Cameron – Fire Safe Council
Defensible Space
5 – Kate Wilkin (Presentation)
Hardening Your Home
6 – Robert Womack – Truckee OES
Vacation Homes & Responsibilities
7 – Laurie Wandtke – Camp Fire Survivor
The Story of Survival
8 – Jim Mathias – Cal Fire
The impact that Social Media Can Have in an Emergency Situation