August 25, 2016 – On August 25th, 2016 at approximately 8:30 AM, the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Task Force along with a Warden from Fish and Wildlife executed a criminal marijuana search warrant in the 15000 block of Grizzly Hill Road, located in the Nevada City area. The property consists of approximately 91 acres and is owned by individuals out of the Sacramento area. These same individuals also own several other pieces of property in the same area.

Upon arrival, detectives did not locate any subjects on the property, but discovered 2 generators running, which were providing power to 2 large greenhouses, a motorhome, travel trailer, and well.


During the search of the property, detectives located a total of 300 marijuana plants under cultivation inside the greenhouses.

Detectives also located one recommendation for an individual out of the Sacramento area that was valid and would have allowed the person 19 plants. While searching the motorhome and travel trailer, detectives located two shotguns and a .22 rifle.

Due to locating multiple electrical wires running in and around the greenhouses, along with several hundred feet of extension cords, several piles of solid waste, and what appeared to be an unpermitted well, Nevada County Code Enforcement were requested to respond to the scene.

After Code Enforcement was on scene they determined that there were several code violations on site and will be opening a case on the property and following up with the property owners.

Note left by residents who live nearby
Note left by residents who live nearby

Detectives were first alerted to the property in May of this year when Fish and Wildlife requested our assistance in their investigation into the illegal grading and disruption of a streambed/waterway that runs through the property.

In May when the Warden and detectives followed the illegally graded roads they contacted three male subjects living on the property who admitted to the grading. The subjects also admitted to setting up the cultivation sites and would be eventually growing for Greenwell Collective out of the Concord area. All three subjects were identified as being from the Rancho Cordova and Sacramento area.

Through our investigation it was determined that the marijuana was being illegally cultivated on the property and all 300 plants were eradicated. Fish and Wildlife will be filling charges against the responsible party for the illegal grading and disruption to the streambed/waterway along with Code Enforcement following up on the violations located.

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  1. These freaking wastes of skin is what gives those of us in compliance with a VERY STRONG BELIEF in keeping our environment safe for ALL OF US now and in the future a bad name. Good job law enforcement. Please prosecute these wastes to the FULLEST EXTENT THE LAW ALLOWS!

  2. But the sheriff wants to ban all grows. You’d think the department would have more than enough to do with dirtbags like this.

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