NEVADA CITY, Calif. March 5, 2019  – Good news for the greater Grass Valley area. The 1,238-acre Ponderosa West Grass Valley Defense Zone project has been included in the 45 day report to Governor Gavin Newsom in response to Executive Order N-05-19 as one of the 35 priority projects.

Some 54,776 people will have better protection from wildfires through this project, according to CAL FIRE’s Report. The Nevada-Yuba-Placer unit of CAL FIRE also has a second project, the 4,373-acre fuelbreak on the North Fork of the American River on the priority list.

CAL FIRE systematically identified high priority fuels reduction projects and other measures to immediately begin to protect over 200 of California’s most wildfire-vulnerable communities and put the state on a path toward long-term wildfire prevention and forest health.
According to the report released by CAL FIRE today, “In total, CAL FIRE identified 35 priority projects that can be implemented immediately to help reduce public safety risk for over 200 communities. Project examples include removal of hazardous dead trees, vegetation clearing, creation of fuel breaks and community defensible spaces, and creation of ingress and egress corridors. These projects can be implemented immediately if recommendations in this report are taken to enable the work. Details on the projects and CAL FIRE’s analysis can be found online at , which will remain updated in the coming months.”

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  1. Can you give us a map of the Ponderosa West area? Thanks.
    My neighborhood plans to have a meeting the afternoon after the “Defensible Space” meeting. I’m gathering materials, check lists and ideas.

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