May 31, 2018 – I have been a part of this community for more than 20 years, and for 12 of those years now I have had the distinct honor of serving as your District Attorney. Prior to my time as your DA I have been a business owner, farmer, probation officer and prosecuting trial attorney; from those experiences to my current post it has been a true blessing to be a part of this community and to contribute in my service to making ours the very best community it can be.

When I ask for your vote on Tuesday, I ask only that you look to the facts; crime is trending downward, violent crime and recidivism are down and Nevada County is a safer and better place to live. The latest DOJ statistics show that Nevada County is one of only nine California counties where violent crime has decreased. My primary mandate is public safety, and through innovative prosecution practices, a solid working relationship with law enforcement,as well as rigorous but strategic prosecution, my office has succeeded in making our community safer. On average, we prosecute 3,200 cases every year. Holding criminal offenders,particularly of serious crimes, accountable is of paramount importance, and I am proud of our extremely high record of convictions on these serious crimes. And, I’m very proud of our collaborative courts where we put aside the adversarial system and work to rehabilitate and reintegrate offenders into our community, a true win-win situation.

Bringing the DA’s office further into the future with innovative policies and programs,while becoming more streamlined, paperless and efficient remains a key focus of mine going forward. Integrating legalized cannabis into the local economy while continuing to vigorously prosecute those who seek to shirk the rules to the detriment of our environment and public safety will require an experienced and stable hand at the wheel. My Office is prepared for any and all of the challenges of our future together. I am proud to have the support of local law enforcement, community leaders and business owners, and of course the many excellent attorneys, officers and professionals in my office.

As our community continues forward together, it is my steadfast promise to you that I will continue to put public safety and the well-being of our County first. With broad changes to both the criminal justice system and our state’s laws, it is critical that we have someone with experience capable of dealing with these changes and integrating these new laws safely into our community. I would humbly submit that I am that person, as my extensive track record has proven over my tenure as your DA.

Attacks and negativity are the purview of politicians and those without ideas of their own. I am no politician, and I have no attacks to launch. I am a prosecutor and a public servant first and foremost; looking back on the last 12 years, the results of lower crime, lower recidivism and an increasingly innovative and efficient DA’s Office speak for themselves. Looking forward,there is yet more work to be done to continue in making this the safest and best place for everyone to live. I love this community, I look forward to continuing to serve all of you, and I request your vote for Nevada County District Attorney on Tuesday.

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Cliff Newell

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  1. Sorry Cliff when you refuse to proscute a guy who on the street of Nevada City beat me and stole my phone because it was deminumus you lost me.

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