June 20, 2018 – On June 29th there will be a Community Appreciation picnic for Joanne Drummond, recognizing and celebrating her 12 years of dedication and accomplishments in furthering fire safety in Nevada County as Executive Director of the Fire Safe Council of Nevada County. This will be a free BYO event, hosted by friends of Joanne. All are welcome at this family friendly event at Western Gateway Park in Penn Valley starting at 5 pm which will include short tributes by community leaders, colleagues and friends.

Please RSVP at https://www.partylabz.com/party/community-appreciation-for-joanne-drummond so adequate parking can be planned.

Joanne has taken a new Regional Position with PG&E as the Vegetation Program Manager in the North Division. This will allow her to have impact in a broader geographic area, however she is leaving us a more prepared and organized community.

Through Joanne’s leadership, the Fire Safe Council of Nevada County has played a vital role in preparing our community for wildfires. She led and built the Scotch Broom Challenge, the chipping program, and a program for low-income seniors and disabled to get help clearing defensible space. She personally helped more than 40 communities get certified or on track to certification as Firewise Communities, more than any other in the state.

Joanne Drummond has received numerous national, state, and local awards. These included the prestigious National Wildfire Mitigation Award from the International Fire Chief’s and State Foresters in 2017; Sponsor of the Year award from the AmeriCorps Pacific Region; Firewise Leadership Award in 2010 from the National Fire Protection Association; and in 2004 Congressional Recognition for Outstanding Service to the Community.

It’s an understatement to say Joanne Drummond has made our community more prepared for wildfires. She’s instilled the idea that we are all responsible for wildfire preparedness and safety.