March 9, 2018 – In less than three days after political campaign signs could be displayed, as many as 5 yard signs and one large 2 ‘x 5’ Dan Miller, District 3 Supervisor signs are missing and presumed stolen from private property along Ridge Road , Sierra College Drive, Ventana Ridge Place and Hughes Road in Grass Valley. The number of missing signs could increase as campaign workers contact property owners.

“This is especially discouraging after reaching out on social media, where I asked those who may not support me, or any other candidate to leave campaign signs where they have been placed. I am disappointed to find my message of good manners and polite discourse has fallen on deaf ears,” Dan Miller commented on Friday.

Patti Ingram Spencer, a native of Nevada County and manager of the Miller Campaign, stated: “Campaign signs are not cheap and represent what use to be an exercise in free speech, which apparently is no longer honored by other campaigns or supporters of opposition candidates. Besides the time, energy and money to replace signs as requested by private property owners , these actions are annoying and childish. Anyone having knowledge as to the location of the missing signs can call Dan’s campaign office, my home, at 477-7572.”

7 replies on “Dan Miller campaign laments missing yard signs”

  1. I find it most distasteful that anyone should insinuate that Hilary Hodge’s campaign or her supporters are removing Dan Miller’s campaign signs. There is no proof of such activity and I don’t think for even a second that the campaign is behind this.

  2. As an active partipant in our local politics I am dismayed by the allegations that campaign signs have gone missing. Please note that these are only allegations at this time as no evidence has surfaced which indicates that the signs were stolen. I am admittedly an supporter of Hilary Hodge and donate much of my spare time to her campaign. To date, I do not know of anyone within the campaign who would behave in such a way. I am also confident that Ms. Hodge and her staff does not condone such behavior that undermines our democracy.

  3. It makes me sad that people take political signs that belong to other families down . It’s such an exciting time when people post their points of view in their yards. I know the team at the opposing campaign and am certain that they wouldn’t do anything seedy. Let’s keep the campaign in the area of healthy discourse. I can’t wait to put up our Hilary sign and talk to anyone who wants to discuss why we support Hilary Hodge.

  4. As we head toward November, 2018, take notice of the campaign signs on the side of the road. Pay attention to the ones that get vandalized, knocked over, or disappear.

    In 2016, the conservative campaign signs were damaged, vandalized, and stolen. History is repeating itself.

  5. IMO signs are an eyesore and a waste of time and money and resources. That said, it is unfortunately a part of election season and no one should tamper with the oppositions signs. I recall a lot of this happened in 2016. Allegations and photos, BOTH sides were involved and affected, not just one side. Some within this community seem unable to conduct themselves like adults .. it’s childish and disturbing. The article says “from private property” but could it be they were placed improperly? On easements etc? Check with city, county and CalTrans .. it is where we found many last election. The video on social media mentioned GPS tracking .. why don’t they just track them? 🙂

  6. More often than not the missing signs are later located at the city or CalTrans yard where they we taken by city or county personnel because they were illegally posted. Might check there before making accusations. That goes for all candidates and campaigns, BTW.

  7. OMG…stop the presses…campaign signs have been stolen in a Nevada County campaign race! I have been involved in many local campaigns and signs have been stolen in every one. Smart campaigns know this and adjust their budges accordingly. However stolen signs are sometimes used as an excuse to ‘blame’ the opponent when in reality those signs disappear without knowing who or why. We are along way from the June election and signs will be disappearing until then. Our local media should know this latest press release was a campaign puff piece not a heinous crime report.

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