May 31, 2018 – Why I am the most qualified candidate for Nevada County District 3 Supervisor:

A Supervisor sets policy as well as direction and administration for operations of over 25 county departments such as: Health and Welfare, Sheriff, Probation, Public Works, Environmental Health, Planning, Building, Airport Operations and Solid Waste and Sanitation.

My strength is in my relationships within these entities. Relationships take work. They are formed through trust, communication and common goals for the good of the people. My relationships make collaboration with these departments seamless and productive.

In addition, Supervisors determine annual allocations for a budget of approximately $235.7 million. They review and approve annual audits and all county contracts and agreements.

This is a position requiring local government experience. Years ago I immersed myself at the entry level of our local government, gaining the essential knowledge necessary to understand government processes and attain proper research in order to make fully informed decisions.I know this position. Myself, the other Supervisors and county staff are an effective team. We work as a team to achieve the goals that have been set to advance our County forward. The successes that I have been involved with on the Grass Valley City Council and on the Board of Supervisors are a clear collaborative picture of “Working Together” for the betterment of our communities.

My vision for our great Nevada County is not short-sighted. My vision is realistic and forward thinking. It includes a 24/7 homeless facility where services can be delivered to the residents; high speed internet service to our underserved areas; more affordable housing working with the Regional Housing Authority; job training for the trades which provides a living wage for our young families and a medical cannabis cultivation ordinance we can all live with.

It is important to note my endorsements from the Grass Valley Police Officers Assoc., Professional Fire Fighters Union Local 3800 and the Nevada County Deputy Sheriffs Assoc. in addition to 16 other Local Public Officials.

These endorsements are an affirmation of our relationships that move Nevada County forward, protect our citizens, environment, business community and our neighborhoods.

I am not beholden to any political party or agenda. I am an honest straight shooter. My integrity is of paramount importance. I will not promise you the moon until I know how we are going to pay for it. I do promise to move forward by listening and analyzing all of the facts before making sound decisions.

Business owner for 27 years in downtown Grass Valley navigating successfully through 3 recessions.

My Nevada County roots are 35+ consistent years deep. I am as Local as Local gets.

The issues facing Nevada County are serious and complicated. They require a seasoned, experienced Supervisor and I am that Supervisor.

Nevada County District 3 Supervisor, Dan Miller