NEVADA CITY, Calif. June 26, 2020 – I am old enough to remember when the realization that grocery clerks, delivery drivers, the kids that bag our groceries, the cashiers, cooks and wait staff were essential workers hit home. Thanking them for doing their jobs was part of the new shopping experience. What changed in three months?

The mask mandate seems to have created a deep division in this community and the retail and food workers bear the brunt of it. They wear masks while working and have to remind customers to do the same. At the same time, they have to listen to newly-minted experts telling them why wearing masks interferes with breathing, freedom and the rugged individualism of said experts. Or, they are being educated by another set of experts on better ways to protect themselves and get an earful of suggestions to use [insert cure du jour.] That is not part of their job description. No, really.

Don’t want to/can’t wear a mask? Avail yourself of the services our local businesses have put in place, like curbside pickup or delivery.

If you want to make a statement about the mask mandate, call, write or email the Governor, here’s the link.

No video, impassioned social media post or phone call to a local business will change the mandate. All these actions accomplish is putting more stress and, in some cases, fear on local residents. For the kids handing you a mask at the grocery store while bagging someone’s purchases, it’s likely a summer job for them or their first job. If yelling at them really makes you feel better, maybe onsite grocery shopping is not for you. Likewise, calling for boycotts or publishing lists of businesses that don’t do enough – in your opinion – is not the way out of this pandemic and its economic impacts.

Your barista, checkout clerk, wait staff or even the business owner can’t change a state mandate. Neither can a mayor, council member, or county supervisor – but you can voice your opinion to them – civilly – during public comment at their meetings.

Meanwhile, can we agree that our essential workers and local businesses deserve to be treated with common decency?

-Pascale Fusshoeller, editor

10 replies on “Editorial: Essential workers, not sounding boards”

  1. YES! Please, everyone, grow up and stop yelling at someone that’s there to just help you have the essentials…or a little bit of normalcy (whatever that is right now). They have to follow the rules or be closed, so don’t cop an attitude with them. It’s exhausting, and not pleasant.

  2. Thank you, Pascale! So well put. Essential workers are protecting and caring for us. The least we can do is return the favor with the simple act of covering our breath.

  3. Well stated, Pascale. A simple ‘Thank You’ to all essential workers is all that is needed. Make our community a healthy place, both physically and mentally.
    Share some love, babies. ❤️

  4. Unlike seat belt and helmet laws which primarily benefit the user – and are fairly universally obeyed- mask regulations exist at least in part to protect every body else. Is your freedom to ignore mask regulations worth the cost to others?

  5. Many of us elder citizens are voting with our pocket books. If u want to safe the businesses in this town wear a mask as more of us are only shopping in safe stores. I will keep my shoes on if you keep on your mask.

  6. Thank you, Pascale, for the reality check. Our community seems to have lost its equilibrium lately and lashing out at or lecturing essential workers is not the way to regain stability.

  7. Thank you Pascale. So well written. I appreciate hearing an intelligent point of view in this chaos. You help give me hope.

  8. When I went into SPD Nevada city I was strongly reminded to put my mask on which I had almost forgotten to do. When I went into SPD grass valley lots of people were strolling around without masks. I don’t understand.

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