Candidate Jenny Scicluna
Candidate Jenny Scicluna

Jenny Scicluna understands the importance of increasing funding for student mental health. As the mother of three boys, she sees how everyday stress and traumatic events impacts students. “Their mental health is my absolute first priority. High school students are under way too much stress. Youth should be able to go to school feeling safe and have fun. Schools need to be a place where students can explore different fields, area of interests, sports, arts, potential career paths and thrive as young adults,” Scicluna stated. Her involvement in youth sports, volunteering in the community, working alongside high school seniors and talking with parents is what led to her decision to run for school board.

Scicluna also wants to restore the relationship between the community, the schools, and the school board. She notes that the tension has increased the past few years. This is not what she remembers growing-up in Nevada County. Scicluna said she wants to restore the positive relationships, “It is sad to see that we are more divided than united. I am a third generation Nevada Union Miner and Nevada Countyian. Our students are our number one priority.” She knows that schools are full of hardworking and dedicated teachers, coaches, staff, and administrators that want the best for the students. The past few years challenges are not lost on her.

In 2020, she closed her business after 7 years due to the impact of the global pandemic to focus on her three boys. Her two-decade experience in local business gives her unique insight into community needs that she will bring if elected.

Scicluna is married, her husband and she have three children, all three boys are active in sports and local activities, and their family prioritizes volunteering in the community.

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