Foresthill, Calif. October 30, 2017 – The Tahoe National Forest’s American River Ranger District will conduct a number of prescribed burns this fall to reduce hazardous fuels and improve ecosystem health. Planned projects include burning piled materials, low to moderate intensity understory burns of vegetation on the forest floor, and moderate to high intensity broadcast burning of brush. The goals of these projects are to reduce the severity of future wildfires, provide added protection for communities in the wildland urban interface (WUI), promote more diverse and resilient ecosystems, and improve habitat for wildlife.

Burning may take place on the American River Ranger District between today and June 2018. The actual dates of ignition will be dependent upon local weather and fuel conditions. Burning at the Big Trees sequoia grove will start today.

All prescribed fire projects will be conducted in accordance with an approved prescribed fire plan to ensure the safety of people and property in the area. Prescribed fire plans describe the specific conditions under which burns will be conducted, including the weather, number of personnel, and opportunities to minimize smoke impacts.

Visitors are asked to avoid areas where prescribed burns are being conducted. Some spur roads near the burn areas may be inaccessible during operations. As a result of the prescribed fires, some residents and visitors may see or smell smoke or witness glowing from the burns at night. The prescribed fires will be carefully monitored. Local authorities will be notified prior to any ignition and kept informed throughout the burning operations.

The following is a list of prescribed fire projects (with acreage and locations) currently planned for this prescribed fire season:

  • Big Trees Ecological Restoration and Protection Project Underburn/Pile Burn – Approximately 150 acres at Placer Big Trees Grove along Mosquito Ridge Road
  • North Divide Underburn – Approximately 800 acres, north of China Wall in the Humbug Ridge area
  • Trailer Park Hand Piles – Approximately 3 acres, along the Foresthill/Divide Road East of Foresthill
  • Hog Back Grapple Piles – 193 acres along the Foresthill Divide Road near the Forest Road 13 intersection
  • Big Hope Machine Piles – Piles are located along the Foresthill Divide Road from Sailor Flat to the Mosquito Ridge Road

For more information, contact Terry Lim, American River Ranger District Prescribed Fire and Fuels Specialist, at 530-367-2224.

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