At today meeting, the Nevada County Board of Supervisors (BOS) proclaimed February 2022 as Grand Jury Awareness Month in Nevada County. The Civil Grand Jury is a group of citizens appointed to investigate local government agencies. The Grand Jury may examine all aspects of county government (including special districts and school districts) to see that public monies are being handled judiciously and that an effective government is serving in the best interest of the people.

NC BOS and Grand Jury members
Nevada County BOS with Grand Jury Foreperson Kathleen Williams, Michael Crain and Lloydyne Lane

Last year’s Nevada County Grand Jury investigated over 24 issues and released seven reports:

  • Body Worn Cameras
  • Cannabis in Nevada County
  • Fire Inspection in Nevada County
  • Joint Powers Authorities
  • Nevada County Vehicle Fleet Maintenance
  • NID Billing and Payment Fees
  • Presidential Election – 2020

[Update] The Nevada County Grand Jury is currently recruiting volunteers for its upcoming 2022 -2023 jury year, starting on July 1. They are looking for people who are computer-literate, disciplined, and can work well within our various committees.

If this sounds like something that interests you, please go to the Nevada County Superior Court website at and click the Grand Jury link. Or you can call 530-265-1730 for more information.