Nevada City, CA November 17, 2020 – Firefighters Thanksgiving, a benefit for the Wildland Firefighters Foundation, typically takes place the Monday before Thanksgiving at Golden Era Lounge, 309 Broad Street, Nevada City. In response to the significant increase in Nevada County coronavirus cases, the Third Annual Firefighters Thanksgiving has been postponed.

Citing the recent uptick in covid19 cases, Patrick Sullivan, one of the event organizers, said, “First responders are in the business of protecting their community. This year that looks like postponing our public gathering.” Sullivan, speaking on behalf of the committee and Nevada County Firefighters Local 3800, feels the right thing to do in the moment is to not encourage group activities. “As public safety professionals we are hoping to set an example to our community, who are being asked not to gather this holiday.”

In 2018 Golden Era Lounge created the event as their way to honor and support local, state, and federal firefighters serving our community. “We recognize the commitment and sacrifice of our firefighters,” said Steve Giardina, Golden Era owner. “Wildland Firefighter Foundation helps our firefighters and their families when they need it the most, so it makes sense to support them fully.” He went on to indicate that offering an evening of thanksgiving, a moment where exhausted fire crews can come together for camaraderie and fellowship while raising funds for such an important cause, is rewarding for all who participate. The annual event has raised over $16,000 in past years, providing for local firefighter families.

“We will announce a new date for our event when it is safe to do so,” said Eric Giardina. “Until such time we invite you to help us support Wildland Firefighter Foundation via their website.”

Wildland Firefighters Foundation provides invaluable support to injured and fallen firefighters and their families. For more information about how you may support Wildland Firefighter Foundation please visit and select Firefighter Thanksgiving Nevada City to make a donation to this worthy cause.