February 19th, 2018 – Shannan Moon announced three new endorsements of her campaign for Sheriff of Nevada County. Grass Valley Mayor Howard Levine, Vice Mayor Lisa Swarthout, and Council Member Jan Arbuckle announced their endorsement today in a joint statement from the campaign. All three currently or have formerly held the office of Mayor of Grass Valley.
“Shannan Moon is the best-qualified candidate for Sheriff,” Mayor Levine said earlier today. “She’s worked her way up all of the ranks, she’s been innovative in every job she’s held, and she has the vision to lead. I’ve known all the candidates for decades, and I thought long and hard before making a public endorsement. I believe that Shannan Moon will provide the best leadership for the Sheriff’s Office and bring a new perspective to that leadership.”
Former Mayor and current Vice Mayor of Grass Valley Lisa Swarthout agreed, saying, “I support Shannan Moon for Sheriff because of her leadership skills, dedication to our community, and her willingness to collaborate with all agencies. Shannan understands what it takes to keep our community safe.”
Council Member (and former Mayor) Jan Arbuckle cited Shannan Moon’s “proven history of collaboration” with other agencies and community groups. The reason for her endorsement was simple, said Arbuckle, “Shannan is the most qualified candidate.”
Captain Moon responded to the endorsements by saying, “I’m honored and humbled by the support of Howard, Lisa, and Jan. They are outstanding public servants, whose years of experience in Grass Valley, working with local agencies and issues, make their support so meaningful. Our campaign is about bringing people together to tackle important issues as a team. When elected, I promise to work hard with everyone in our community as your next Sheriff.”
Shannan Moon’s independent campaign for Sheriff includes supporters from a wide variety of backgrounds and political beliefs. As the only candidate independent of a major political party, her pragmatic and locally-focused platform has broad appeal for residents of Nevada County. A lifelong resident of Nevada County, Shannan Moon is a Captain and 27-year veteran of the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office. She announced her candidacy for Sheriff in June of last year.
For more information, or to contact the campaign, please visit MoonforSheriff2018.com or email info@moonforsheriff2018.com.