Day two of this weekend’s free green waste drop off was another success. Besides hundreds of loads of storm debris and defensible space slash, community spirit was on full display.

Disabled veterans living in Cascade Shores needed some help after the storm. Their neighbor Craig said, “I was just going to go up there with a neighbor and help them out. And that’s where all this stuff [a trailer full of branches and tree trunks] is from. But the whole neighborhood showed up. There were like 30 people there helping them out. Now it looks great up there. They’re going to bring a couple more loads.” With that, the county’s building director (Craig’s day job) pulled up to the drop off site.

Meanwhile, the Pardinis pulled up to dispose of yet another load. They definitely are in the lead for most loads of brush hauled to the site – over 25 we were told. Meanwhile, the staff and volunteers kept handing out cards and punching them for return visitors – t-shirt prizes and plenty of information on defensible space and #ReadyNevadaCounty info.

Tomorrow, the crews will be at 12625 Brunswick Rd, Grass Valley to help unload from 9:0 am to 3:00 pm. One more three-day weekend event will be held on April 8-10, 2022. See you there!