A short procedural hearing this morning to set a date for a full hearing and a possible resolution in the challenge regarding the qualifications for office of Rob Tribble as Nevada County’s next Auditor-Controller. Tribble won the June election but his opponent, current Assistant Auditor-Controller Gina Will contends he does not meet the required qualifications to be seated.

Nevada County Superior Judge Robert Tice-Raskin has set the hearing date for November 1st, a mere week before the General Election. Both Tribble and Will were present in the courtroom, as were several of Nevada County’s senior staff.

Tribble is now represented by the same lawyer who is listed as a party in the first non-disclosure agreement he provided as proof of qualification. Filing of the attorney substitution was still in progress as this morning’s hearing took place.

The November 1st hearing is set for a full day, though Will’s attorney believed a morning or afternoon session would be sufficient.

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