The Nevada Joint Union High School District (NJUHSD) Board of Trustees meets tonight at 6:00 pm in Room J-204 at Nevada Union High School and will consider, among other agenda items, a resolution to “support local decision-making authority regarding COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

If adopted, the NJUHSD Board of Trustees expects “the State of Emergency slated to end March 31, 2022” and “all masking, testing, and vaccination mandates to terminate at that time, with a return to normal activities on April 1, 2022 consistent with local conditions.”

The agenda item information reads as follows: “Board President Seeley seeks the Board’s discussion and possible adoption of a Board of Trustees’ resolution expressing opposition to the Governor’s proposed vaccine mandate for California public school students and staff.  Said resolution would further express support for the termination of all vaccine, masking, and other COVID-19 state mandates effective March 31, 2022.  District staff have provided the board with examples of resolutions adopted by several school district boards in the region.  In addition, the Superintendent has developed for board consideration a draft resolution specific to the district and in a manner that attempts to insulate the district from any direct or indirect risks and liabilities that could derive as a result of the board’s approval of a resolution on this matter.”

The District will live-stream the meeting on Zoom.  For viewing purposes only, here is the Zoom link: The full meeting agenda is here.

The full resolution is below.