GRASS VALLEY, Calif. December 14, 2017 – This morning I read in the news that a former Facebook vice-president recently asserted that social media is destroying our society. Stating that it is “ripping apart the social fabric of how society works,” he sees truth and popularity being mixed-up and rampant ignorance running amok.

I agree with him.

I don’t believe social media is inherently bad, but when it becomes a substitute for deeper human connections and intellectual pursuits, it is problematic. If that happens our society should reflect on what is transpiring, and adjust so that we don’t irretrievably lose the ability to learn and grow beyond social media’s daily chatter and short quips.

Unfortunately, President Trump thrives on clever retorts and “gotcha” one-liners. His never-ending tweets focus on shallow comebacks without effectively addressing substantial concerns facing this country. Social media is Trump’s way of hiding from important issues; he uses it as camouflage, disguising his lack of competency and depth.

Trump won’t remain indefinitely in office. In contrast, the U.S. will go on. Let’s not follow the president’s example and get enamored of social media at the expense of losing what is truly important, i.e., meaningful communication, healthy social interactions, and higher values.