I am running for this office because I am immeasurably invested in the wellbeing and harmony of our community and I know that I can bring to this office the skills, integrity, and enthusiasm it demands.

Jason Tedder

As an alumnus of local schools from Bell Hill to Sierra College, our hills, trees, and rivers have been the backdrop of my life. Nevada County is more than where I am from; it is inseparable from my identity and the only place I have called home. From the time I was a boy doing chores for my elderly neighbors, to enlisting in the Navy and deploying to the Middle East, I have always strived to do my best for my community by giving back wherever I could. To that end I have served a myriad of roles since my naval career on local non-profits from volunteer to president. I am recognized by many for my continual efforts to help incorporate my fellow veterans back into civilian life and for fostering a collaborative spirit between veteran’s organizations, local governments, and other non-profits.

In alignment with my own aspirations to seek this office I have been encouraged to run by an abundance of grassroots support from many Nevada County residents, who share my concerns about the integrity of our elections. The 2016 and 2020 elections were indisputably surrounded by doubt and mistrust. I can think of no more important duty than to personally safeguard the most sacred component of our democracy—the right to vote.

The County Clerk-Recorder function goes beyond just elections and is an integral component of the orderly operation of the county. I will apply the precision and meticulousness I learned from my years of operating and repairing advanced naval weapons systems to keeping perfect accountability of the many important documents that the Clerk-Recorder maintains. As preparation for these responsibilities I am actively working with former and current experts in this field and am confident I will be ready to assume, and capably execute, my duties on day one. Having worked in many challenging environments as a proven leader I am well versed in working cooperatively and deescalating if necessary. My focus is to give the same level of respect and service to every Nevada County citizen who walks through the door by being available, responsive, and timely.

I am a family man from humble beginnings and so I will be happy to earn your vote. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our campaign with questions. You can find additional information about the campaign on our website https://www.tedder4countyclerk.com or call me directly at (530) 615-7140.

Listen to me live this Thursday the 24th on KNCO 830 at 9am and join me later that same day from 12-2pm for a meet and greet at Sierra Mountain Coffee Roasters -671 Maltman Dr., Grass Valley. Thank you for your consideration. Vote Jason Tedder for Nevada County Clerk-Recorder.