June 11, 2020 – John Norton has announced his candidacy for a seat on the NID Board of Directors, Division 5, in the November 3, 2020 election. John earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of California Davis and worked for the California Water Resource Control Board for 28 years. He is a longtime resident of Lake Wildwood.

“I have the energy, education and experience that Division 5 needs. Today’s NID annual budget is not sustainable and could take our Nevada Irrigation District deeply into the red. That needs to stop immediately, and well before the cost of making up the deficit is dropped onto the backs of our water users. I offer my comprehensive water quality and management experience to correct this. I will work to guarantee that our water supply is clean, adequate to our needs and affordable for our residential, agricultural, and commercial users” said John Norton.

During his career John led the State Water Board’s Enforcement Unit, secured $150 million in grant funds to help communities clean up their beaches, and initiated the country’s first program to regulate sewage systems. He was appointed an interim NID Director in 2008 and served on both Sierra Streams Institute’s Board of Directors and the Nevada County Sanitation District Advisory Committee. He is currently on the Wildwood Lake Committee.

John cares about the future of water here in Nevada County, looks forward to earning your vote, and working for you.


“In my 30 years of public service I have met many quality Special District Board members and County Supervisors. I believe John Norton is a fine match for the needs of our community. John brings extensive knowledge and experience to the specialty of water management. John’s previous employment experience has shaped his policy of prudent financial responsibility and the importance of water quality. While running for election during the pandemic John has made himself available through Zoom, FaceTime and by phone and will continue to be available for all constituents after election. Join me in supporting John Norton for the NID Board.” Kurt Grundel, Penn Valley Fire Department Chair.

“I am endorsing John Norton in his bid for election to District 5 of the NID Board of Directors because the financial future of NID and its users is on a difficult trajectory and will require the skilled guidance and experience that he can provide. What I most admire about John is his integrity and balanced approach to environmental issues as well as an appreciation for the pragmatic decisions required for the day to day operation of a business like NID.” Terry Thies, Chair of the Lake Wildwood Lake Committee.