December 4, 2017 – Nevada County Assessor, Sue Horne, announced that the Nevada County Assessor’s Office has now reduced $4.6 million of total taxable assessed value from Nevada County properties that were damaged in the recent Lobo, McCourtney, or Garden fires that occurred in October.

Appraisers from the Assessor’s Office have conducted site visits and completed reviews of the sixty-six properties impacted, and subsequently have lowered assessed values on forty-seven residential properties, including ten mobile homes.  Twenty homes were completely destroyed and the improvements portion of their taxable assessed values were zeroed out. A property owner’s destroyed boat had its value reduced to zero as well.  Nineteen properties reviewed had minimal damage or did not meet the minimum amount of $10,000 of fire damage required by tax law in order to receive a calamity reduction for their property.

A majority of the affected property owners’ corrected tax bills went out by mail this week from the Treasurer/Tax Collector’s office. By law, taxpayers have thirty days from receipt of the corrected bill to pay their reduced tax liability.    A handful of property owners will receive their corrected tax bill in January 2018 as corrected tax bills are not issued in the month of December.

If property owners have any questions concerning their lowered assessment, please contact Assessor Sue Horne by calling 530-265-1232 or emailing the Assessor’s Office at