Itara O’Connell as a LaMalfa look-alike. Photo: YubaNet

NEVADA CITY, Calif. February 22, 2018 – The Nevada County Government Center was the scene of a demonstration by over 80 locals demanding gun control legislation after the latest school shooting that killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on Valentine’s Day.

Indivisible Gold Country co-coordinators Lee Zasloff and Regan Gere said their group decided to protest after Gere had requested a meeting with a Lisa Mara, a LaMalfa field representative. Mara scheduled the meeting for yesterday at the Rood Center’s Providence Mine Room but unexpectedly canceled late Tuesday after hearing more people would be in attendance.

Photo: YubaNet

Gere was told the Congressman’s staffers were “too busy” to attend and she should “call back” if she wanted to reschedule after she asked for a future meeting date.

The Providence Mine room, one of Nevada County’s many meeting rooms, can easily accommodate 12-15 people. YubaNet confirmed with Nevada County the meeting room was booked, then canceled with no rescheduling date requested by the LaMalfa Field Office.

Mock interview. Photo YubaNet

We also attempted to confirm the constituent meeting with LaMalfa’s field offices in Oroville and Auburn, however calls were not returned. Communications Director Parker Williams in the Washington D.C. office replied via email, stating “Congressman LaMalfa never had any constituent meetings scheduled for today at the Rood Center.” A precise use of the English language, since our query simply asked about constituent meetings, not about meetings with the Congressman personally.

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Zasloff said the no-show was par for the course, stating “they probably found out that we were going to be here and found out about the protest… They don’t want to meet, they even took down the sign for their Auburn office.” She added the Congressman had taken several actions that, in her opinion, show that he doesn’t want to hear from constituents who disagree with him.

Amanda Wilcox the Chair of the local Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence chapter, whose daughter Laura was shot and killed in 2001, was present at the rally with her husband Nick. “LaMalfa needs to hear this,” she said. “Thoughts and prayers… are not enough.”

Doug LaMalfa, who represents Nevada County and a wide swath of Northern California rural counties, took $13,500 from gun rights group during his tenure in the House of Representatives, according to who compiled the campaign finance data.

The group of locals held their signs as Itara O’Connell, sporting cowboy boots, hat, an impressive belt buckle and a fake goatee provided a LaMalfa impression. The peaceful protest ended after about an hour.

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  1. The midterm elections are in November and ALL house seats are in play; if you don’t agree with how Mr. LaMalfa has conducted the people’s business, use your VVM (voice, vote and money) to replace him.

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