November 16, 2020 – What would you do if you found an eagle on the side of the road, injured, struggling, and unable to fly? Or, when driving down a dark country road, a majestic white bird smacks into your windshield? Since 1990, our team has responded onsite to bird of prey emergencies, followed by their rehabilitation and release back into the wild. We previously operated under Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release and have recently parted ways. The newly hatched Hamilton Raptor Center and Mike Furtado possess licensure under the United States Fish &Wildlife, California Department of Fish & Wildlife, and are a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Sasha the Great Horned Owl ambassador, fostering orphaned chicks

Our professionally trained team of volunteers has 90 years of combined experience wholly devoted to caring for eagles, hawks, owls, vultures, falcons, and kites. We promptly respond to raptor emergencies in 7 neighboring counties, including Nevada, Yuba, Sutter, Colusa, Plumas, Butte, and Sierra. The five-acre ranch has two 120′ outdoor flight chambers, transition aviaries, and an indoor critical care clinic for our most vulnerable patients. We need community patrons like you to help us help these majestic animals survive, thrive, and return home to the wild.

Please join us on November 29th and December 13th for our indoor caging fundraiser mini-series ‘outdoor’ event at Grass Valley Brewery!! You’ll meet and learn from our Ambassador raptors, up close in and in person! At this family-friendly event, you’ll meet Sasha the Great Horned Owl and Sundance the Harris Hawk while learning their vital role in ecosystems. All-day, Grass Valley Brewery will donate $1 for every pint of beer sold. Ticket sales and raffle proceeds also will go towards our tiniest and sickest bird of prey patients. Join us and celebrate our new mission and vision as Hamilton Raptor Center and give back to our native birds of prey! Learn more HERE (**GV Brewery abides by all current public health COVID precautions, including distancing and occupancy limitations. This is a mostly outdoor event.)

Visit the Hamilton Raptor Center website at, call our 24-hour hotline at 1-833-SOSWILD, or find us on Facebook and Instagram @norcalraptors911!

Or DONATE HERE: Hamilton Raptor Center Caging Fundraiser

RAPTOR EMERGENCIES CALL 1-833-SOSWILD and visit our website.