NEVADA CITY, Calif. June 19, 2018 – With 36,981 votes counted, the runoff election for Sheriff in November will be between Captain Shannan Moon and Lieutenant Bill Smethers.

The additional 954 votes counted since the last update represent the bulk of the outstanding ballots.

With a 1,225-vote lead, Moon is the top vote-getter in this primary election. The 353-vote difference between Smethers and Foster puts Smethers in second place.

The unofficial count at this time:

Shannan Moon 12,357 votes – 36.06%
Bill Smethers 11,132 votes – 32.49%
John Foster 10,779 votes – 31.46%

Six voters voted for more than one candidate in the race and 2,708 voters did not cast a vote in this contest.

Voter turnout for Nevada County now stands at 54.37%