Candidates and committees supporting or opposing local measures in the upcoming election are required to file campaign finance reports on a schedule set by the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) – but two candidates and one committee appear to have missed Thursday’s deadline.

In Nevada County, all filings are submitted electronically via a system called Netfile. Nevada County Elections requires all candidates to acknowledge their obligation to file required campaign disclosure forms. The candidate handbook provides a full calendar, contact information for both FPPC and Netfile. The FPPC provides calendars for local candidates, measures and committees supporting or opposing local candidates.

Second pre-election statement was due on Oct. 27th for all candidates and committees who raised or spent more than $2,000

Netfile’s publicly accessible repository lists all PAC, committees and candidate filings.

District 3 Supervisor

Both Patti Ingram and Lisa Swarthout filed their Form 460.

Grass Valley City Council

Only Haven Caravelli has filed a Form 460. Hilary Hodge and Matthew Coulter both filed a Form 470 in August, indicating they intended to raise/spend less than the $2,000 threshold.

Town of Truckee Town Council

Anna Klovstad, Jan Zabriskie and Suzie Tarnay have filed campaign finance statements on Truckee’s Netfile. David Polivy has not filed campaign disclosure forms for this election cycle on Netfile.

Nevada Joint Union High School District Trustee Area 1

Both candidates Olivia Pritchett and Jenny Scicluna have filed on time.

Nevada Joint Union High School District Trustee Area 2

Both candidates Stephanie Leishman and Wendy Willoughby have filed a Form 460.

Nevada Joint Union High School District Trustee Area 5

Ken Johnson has filed a Form 460, his opponent Jay Adamson has not filed a Form 460 or 470 since filing his candidacy, according to Netfile.

According to the FPPC: Each candidate listed on the ballot must file Form 460 or Form 470. Form 470: Candidates who do not raise or spend $2,000 or more (or anticipate raising or spending $2,000 or more) in 2022 and do not have an open committee may file Form 470 on or before September 29, 2022.

Measure V

The Yes on V Committee filed a form 460. Americans for Good Government, opposing Measure V, filed a form 460.

Measure W – Nevada City

The No on Measure W Committee has filed their Form 460. The Committee for Nevada City Historic Neighborhoods District 2022 (Yes on W) has not filed any campaign finance disclosure forms listed on Netfile.

Political Action Committees (PACs)

The Restoration Coalition PAC gave $2,300 to Peggy Fava, a candidate for the Pleasant Ridge Union School District. The candidate correctly reported the independent expenditure via a Form 497. The PAC filed a Form 460 and a Form 497 for the reporting period.

The Nevada County Contractors’ Association PAC reported independent, non-monetary expenditures supporting/opposing the three candidates running for Grass Valley City Council. The PAC also received a $5,000 independent contribution from GVC Property 18 LLC.

Americans for Good Government, whose yard signs oppose Measure V, filed a form 460.

The Nevada Joint Union High School Teachers Association PAC filed a form 460.

Vote Center and Drop Box Location information for the November 8, 2022 election can be found here.