MOUNTAIN COUNTIES, Calif. (April 25, 2022) – Earlier this month, the Mountain Counties Water Resources Association (MCWRA) Board of Directors adopted updated Water Policy Principles (Principles).  The Principles outline the priorities and policy positions of the association, and provide parameters that allow for the Legislative Committee and Executive Director to engage in advocacy efforts on behalf of the association and its members.

The health of Sierra Nevada’s watershed and water resources are of value and of critical importance to all Californians.  MCWRA is committed to working to advance the following on priorities on behalf of MCWRA Members:

  • Protection of Water Rights and Preservation of Regional Water Supplies
  • Increased Investment in California’s Headwaters
  • Science-Based Forest Management Plans and Actions
  • Increased Statewide Collaboration Regarding Water Resources
  • Additional Water Storage Capacity
  • Educating Target Audiences on Statewide Need of Protecting California’s Headwaters

The Principles were originally adopted in January 2010.  Early this year, the MCWRA Legislative Committee (Committee) initiated the process of updating the document to reflect current priorities and policy positions.  In addition, the Committee reformatted the document itself, highlighting the statewide benefits of healthy headwaters, and outlining the key priorities listed above.

MCWRA’s recently adopted Water Policy Principles can be accessed here.
Mountain Counties Water Resources Association Mission is to unite agencies, groups and individuals whose interests include protecting and enhancing Mountain County water resources.  This Mission is realized through strengthening Members’ regional leadership, collaboration, information sharing, issue awareness, education, advocacy, and potential legislative action or legal support.