Yesterday, December 30th, Nevada City’s City Manager declared a local emergency for Nevada City. Cities and towns declare emergencies once the county has issued and adopted their declaration.

Nevada City Manager Joan Phillipe, acting in her capacity as Director of Civil Defense and Disaster for the city, has issued a declaration of public emergency due to the December 27 snow storm. She issued the declaration due the impacts of the storm that resulted in a large number of fallen trees and limbs throughout the city creating safety hazards and damage as well as the extended power outages still affecting large sections of the city.

The scope of the storm has placed significant demands on the city and the emergency declaration will enable it to more easily access state and federal government assistance if needed and to expedite possible use of other resources.

The Nevada City Council will review and ratify the proclamation within seven days at a special meeting. If it is ratified, it will remain in effect until the council proclaims the termination of the local emergency.