NEVADA CITY, Calif. August 28, 2020 – The City has been diligently working with all the businesses to provide as much support and flexibility as possible during this COVID crisis to ensure that all they can continue to provide service under the current mandattes. With outside dinning becoming one of the only options with the exception of to go orders the question regarding outdoor amplified music has been coming up a lot during the past few weeks.

It seems that many people are a little bit confused and seem to think Nevada City has implemented a new ban on amplified music. This is not the case. Nevada City has a municipal code that prohibits amplified music outdoors. This municipal code has been in place for many years and is not a newly announced ban.

We have been advising people that acoustic instruments are okay and encouraged.

There are rumors that the City is shutting down outdoor music this weekend. This is also not the case.

I am asking, as the Mayor, that if you are having outdoor music that you be considerate of your neighboring businesses and residents and keep your music volume down and end by 10 PM.

If the City receives complaints we will come ask turn you music down or off in accordance with the City’s Municipal Code.

I realize these are very difficult times for businesses and residents alike, the more we work together as a community and show respect, flexibility, cooperation and tolerance we all achieve a better outcome.

Mayor Erin Minett