NEVADA CITY, Calif. November 22, 2020 – The Sierra Fund and Nevada City’s Fire Safety Advisory Committee in cooperation with neighborhood Fire Wise Community organizations and the City of Nevada City are pumping up efforts to make Nevada City more beautiful and fire wise. Recently launched and ongoing, the program will upgrade neglected slivers of land for local neighbors to ‘adopt’ and maintain.

Join us, and invite your Nevada-City-lovin’ friends to join in, too! Just click this link to get involved.

Nevada City owns 25+ slivers of land throughout our town – in neighborhoods, wooded areas, etc. To make our community more fire wise – you all know how crucial that is these days – we’re doing the fuel reduction and clearing so that the slivers are in condition for routine care and maintenance like raking, light limbing, and the kind of general care needed to keep properties safe as well as attractive.

In the age of Covid, with drastic reductions in revenues for the City, we’re raising money so we can match a State Fire Assistance WUI Grant to pay for properties to be brought up to a manageable maintenance level. While volunteers can do a good deal of this, we’re also going to need some professional help, as well as all the staff time we can spare. Your help is vital!

The project launched last weekend with 16 volunteers producing a huge pile of slash, brush, and other combustible material to be hauled off. That single spot is now ready for the Adopt-a-Sliver program. So far 4 of our neighbors have picked out slivers to adopt. 21 more to go, with 24 or more slivers to be cleaned up for easy adoption.

Please help us make Nevada City more fire resilient and wise. The alternative is too horrifying to want to imagine. Celebrate with us; create safe space with us; and come visit soon.

The Fire Safety Advisory Committee is made up of a City Council member, the Nevada City Division Fire Chief, Fire Wise Community members for surrounding neighborhoods including the Greater Champion, Willow Valley, Deer Creek South Side, and Greater Cement Hill Neighborhoods, as well as a facilitator and non-profit partner, The Sierra Fund.

For more information, please call Sam Gitchel at 530-470-3200.

“It felt so good to be doing something important for our City with friends and neighbors out doors.”

Erin Minett.

Mayor, City of Nevada City