NEVADA CITY, Calif. June 16, 2020 – The Nevada County Board of Supervisors (BOS) today unanimously adopted the 20-21 budget.

The budget adoption was swift, or to quote Chair Heidi Hall, was done with “minimal fuss” after lengthy budget subcommittee meetings and budget hearings by the full BOS. No public comment was submitted for any of the various budget resolutions adopted during this special meeting.

According to a county news release, “The FY 20/21 County Budget includes $251 million of revenue, a 0.7 percent increase from FY 2019/20, and expenses of $266 million, a 3.1 percent ($8 million) increase. Expenses would have declined but for the $9 million increase in Health and Human Service Agency expenses which are largely driven by increased need for services, a $900 thousand increase in the Office of Emergency Services to support wildfire and COVID-19 responses, and major road projects. Much of the increased expenses are funded by State or Federal grants and allocations, and therefore don’t impact the County’s fiscal health. The FY 20/21 budget also included $4 million of increased expenses that were beyond the control of the County, relating to the “realignment” of programs from the State to counties, such as transferring inmates and parolees from State prisons to County jails and probation departments.”

Budget at a glance

Revenue sources

  • 107,449,168 Federal/State
  • 61,829,890 Taxes
  • 48,981,355 Other Financing Sources
  • 23,441,327 Charges for Services
  • 9,721,851 Use of Money & Property
  • 5,698,098 Licenses, Permits & Franchises
  • 3,342,719 Miscellaneous Revenues
  • 2,890,264 Fines, Forfeitures, & Penalties
  • -12,263,996 Special Revenue

Expenditures by function

  • Public Protection 87,993,870
  • Health & Sanitation 64,243,101
  • Public Assistance 43,407,316
  • General Government 22,728,469
  • Public Ways & Facilities 19,911,098
  • Enterprise 10,206,008
  • Internal Services 12,450,829
  • Education, Recreation & Culture 5,061,732

COVID-19 fiscal impact is estimated at $25 million dollars for both FY 2019/20 and FY 20/21. The impact for FY 20/21 alone is estimated at $12.3 million and the budget is balanced with $7.4 million in reduced expenses and $4.9 million use of fund balance.

All budget documents are available on the county’s budget portal.