NEVADA CITY, Calif. June 29, 2020 – On Friday, the new Nevada County Civil Grand Jury was sworn in for the 2020-2021 term by Judge Tom Anderson. After outgoing members were recognized, Anderson read the list of the new jurors, with the vast majority serving a second term.

Recruitment efforts were hampered by the pandemic, so there is still time to apply for alternate positions. If you are a citizen, 18 years or older and have lived in Nevada County for at least one year, you can apply here. More details about Grand Jury Service can be found here.

Swearing in ceremony in the BOS Chamber on Friday

The 2020-2021 Grand Jury members are:

  • Alberti, Sal
  • Anderson, Dave – Foreperson
  • Bailey, Cynthia
  • Bordner, Nicholas
  • Clausnitzer, Sigrun
  • Corpus, Linda
  • DeCrow, Damon
  • Dell, Cheryl
  • Guerland, Nancy
  • Klingman, Kenneth
  • Lane, Loydyne
  • Marie, JoAnn
  • Martin, Don
  • Morgan, Mike
  • Oakley, Karen
  • Ogden, Robert
  • Segal, Andrew
  • Stickel, Walter
  • Suarez, Grace

All 2019-2020 Grand Jury reports are available for download:

 All Special Districts in Nevada County Survey Report  
 CalFresh in Nevada County 
 Fire and Life Safety Fire Inspection in Nevada County  
Response Reports: Request for Proposal and Procurement Practices – Response Report  
 Juvenile Hall  
 Nevada County Wildfire Preparednes