NEVADA CITY, Calif. May 11, 2020 – During Friday’s press briefing, Chair of the Board of Supervisors Heidi Hall stated she was ready to call a special meeting “at any time” once Nevada County was ready to apply for a variance and move through the state’s Resilience Roadmap at its own pace. Today at 3:30 pm supervisors will convene virtually to vote on a letter of support for Nevada County’s Novel Coronavirus Reopening Readiness Plan.

Weekend, what weekend?

On Saturday, county staff released the criteria and a timetable for moving through Stage 2, stating “Nevada County is currently able to meet the State’s readiness criteria to move further into Stage 2 reopening.”

“This is a global emergency that requires a local response,” said Board Chair Heidi Hall. “Nevada County has successfully sheltered in place and kept our infection rate low. We are poised to be one of the first counties to move through phase 2.  Let’s not lose our place in line.”

“We want to be back in business sooner than expected with a sustainable plan,” added Vice-Chair Dan Miller. “Because of the work we have done, we are in the final stretch. Let’s not lose the good work.”

On Sunday, further guidance was published to help businesses prepare for Stage 2 reopening.

Nevada County businesses are encouraged to prepare to safely reopen if they fit into the Stage 2 sectors in the California Recovery Plan. Reopening will not look like business as usual pre-COVID pandemic and businesses will need to follow the guidance from the State and County in order to protect their employees and customers.

Both the State and Nevada County’s Recovery Advisory Committee have created guidance and checklists to help local businesses create a COVID-19 Prevention Plan and reopen safely:

• State guidance for multiple business sectors:
• Practical Advice for Modified Business Reopening (Committee Recommendations for Business
Reopening) (PDF)
• Retail Store Reopening Plan and Checklist (PDF)
• Restaurant Reopening Plan and Checklist (PDF)
• Restaurant Customer Code of Conduct Flyers (PDF)
• Employee Health and Training Agreement (PDF)
• Customer Code of Conduct Flyer for Businesses (PNG)

Find these resources at


After today’s vote, the BOS will have their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday. During the afternoon session, Public Health will provide an update on the variance request and report on the next steps.

Starting Tuesday, May 12th, County staff will begin stopping by local businesses and restaurants to answer questions and provide guidance on creating a COVID-19 Prevention Plan to help keep our businesses open, and our community healthy and safe.

Businesses with questions about modifying business practices to keep customers safe and slow the spread of COVID-19 can email General coronavirus questions can be directed to the Coronavirus Call Center at 1-833-DIAL211 or