Sandy “Jake” Jacobson

NEVADA CITY, Calif. April 25, 218 – The Nevada County Board of Supervisors presented a certificate of recognition to Jake Jacobson on her retirement from Gold Country Community Services.

Jake’s award reads: “The Nevada County Board of Supervisors takes great pleasure in recognizing “Jake” Jacobson for her dedicated service and extensive work as the Executive Director of the non-profit Gold Country Community Services.

Throughout her tenure, Jake has provided inspired leadership of Gold Country Community Services, exhibited tireless devotion to our many senior citizens, led by example through her friendly, thoughtful and caring nature, and time and time again demonstrated an outstanding ability to rally the community on important issues.

Throughout her time as the Executive Director of Gold Country Community Services, her many accomplishments included more than 270,000 hot meals being prepared and delivered to the homes of our seniors in need through the Meals on Wheels program. Additionally, 64,000 or more meals were served in congregate settings.

Moreover, under her direction over a 1,000 senior households, many with multiple occupants, were provided life and health giving warmth in the winter months through the Senior Firewood Program and more than 40,000 low-cost “participations” were provided through the fun and healthful classes and activities sponsored by Gold Country Community Services.

Jake Jacobson is a well-known, high-energy shooting star throughout Nevada County. Under her leadership, volunteerism and donations for Gold Country Community Services has almost doubled.

Therefore, it is with great pleasure that the Nevada County Board of Supervisors recognizes “Jake” Jacobson, for her years of dedicated service as an outstanding citizen, congratulates her many accomplishments and wishes her the best in her future endeavors.”

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