Nevada County, CA, February 9, 2018 – Nevada County Deputy Sheriff’s Association announced their endorsement of Bill Smethers for Nevada County Sheriff. In a written statement from the Association:

The Nevada County Deputy Sheriff’s Association has come to a decision on making an endorsement for the 2018 Sheriff’s Candidacy.

After holding candidate interviews with all three candidates, attending campaign events, and hearing several presentations from all three, the Deputy Sheriff’s Association held a meeting per their bylaws to vote whether to endorse a candidate, and if so, which one. The vote was passed with an overwhelming majority vote of the entirety of the membership.

The Deputy Sheriff’s Association proudly endorses Lieutenant Bill Smethers for the Office of the Sheriff of Nevada County, 2018. The men and women of the Deputy Sheriff’s Association look forward to working with Bill Smethers and we support his vision for the future of the office.

Bill is deeply honored and humbled to be endorsed by the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office who he has worked with for the past 20+ years. They understand the challenges that face the office going forward and know that Bill Smethers is the best candidate for the position.

For a complete list of endorsements, please visit our website at